Ted Kravitz anticipates flurry of controversies in Barcelona

British Formula One reporter Ted Kravitz wagers on controversies bubbling up in Barcelona during pre-testing week.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The 2022 Formula One season has officially commenced today with the initiation of the pre-testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya earlier today. It took place in two sessions- the morning session and the afternoon session.

What is notable is that today was the first time the teams graced the tracks with their new challengers for the season together. A striking feature from the launches of the cars for the Formula One season is the exegesis of the newly implemented rules and regulations for the 2022 season which makes performances from the cars have striking polarity.

The first race week starts in Bahrain next month in the heart of the Sakhir desert. However, the pre-testing week would definitely throw in some light on the possibilities of the 2022 Formula One season.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya race track
The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya race track

Kravitz breaks down his thoughts on the pre-testing season at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Sky Sports F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz
Sky Sports F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz

“This test is all about sorting out these very new, very different cars,” added the Sky Sports F1 pit-lane reporter. He further talked about the polarity in the cars of the teams this season, “But there are so many different interpretations of the rules – Ferrari has gone with this strange, kind of ‘scalloped’ sidepod car, whereas Red Bull and Mercedes look like they have gone down a different path”.

“So we will get an idea of who’s quick, who’s not, and who’s gone down a real cul-de-sac, a real dead-end they might not be able to get out of.”

Kravitz also took up the issue of power units which has come up to the surface as a major topic for the approaching season until 2026 due to a burgeoning freeze. These power units will be replaced in 2026 with the next-gen engines available then.

Fellow Sky Sports F1 journalist Craig Slater on the other hand subtly referred to Renault’s breakdown in the past during testing season without being too direct about it.

“I think there are enough people who have changed their power-unit architecture that they might come into a bit of trouble,” mentioned Kravitz. “But the top two or three – Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda in the back of the Red Bull – are pretty much sorted from last year.” It is to note that Scuderia Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc set the quickest lap today at an impressive 1m 20.165s.

There will be some controversies with who has interpreted the rules in a way that wasn’t intended by the FIA,” he added.

There might be some controversies over flexing floors and different ideas, but I think the engines will be okay. I think the teams are on top of their reliability these days,” Kravitz continued.

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