Lewis Hamilton reveals ‘mixed feelings’ over Silverstone GP full house

Lewis Hamilton reveals ‘mixed feelings’ over Silverstone GP full house

Lewis Hamilton

Silverstone GP made a huge announcement on Thursday, as the race will host a full crowd capacity. This means that up to 1,40,000 fans will be allowed for the GP. However, Lewis Hamilton is not too convinced about the decision, and revealed his mixed feelings over the move.

Lewis Hamilton stated that he fears news about the growing number of covid cases in UK, and expressed concerns about having so much crowd for the British GP.

“I’m kind of split. One, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see people and the British crowd because it’s the best crowd of the whole year,” said Hamilton.

“Last year we didn’t have them, so it will be great to be able to see them and feel the energy they bring into the weekend. Second, of course I watch the news, so I see about the cases going up massively in the UK, so on that side I worry for people, naturally,” he added.

Lewis Hamilton prefers using caution to get fans back at the race

Lewis Hamilton stated that he had been watching news in the past few dats, which shows an increase in the number of covid-19 cases. The Briton, however, prefers using caution in getting fans back to the stands, rather than having a full capacity crowd, all at once.

“But I turned on the news this morning, I’ve been watching it these past days, and rates have increased since people are loosening up a little bit, and not everyone is vaccinated so I do worry about people. I read the vaccinations are good, there are fewer people in hospital, but…I don’t know, it feels a bit premature to me,” said Hamilton.

“If people go there, I hope we learn something from it and I hope everyone just stays safe. I’d encourage everyone just to continue to wash their hands and wear their masks, particularly when there are those big crowds,” he added.

“I think it was great that we had people at the last race [in France, 15,000 per day] and I’ve not heard any negative things come from that,” said the Briton.

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