“The documentary is the current focus,” Lewis Hamilton hopes his biographical film can leave a positive impact

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most influential athletes in the world, with over 25 million followers on Instagram alone.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes driver and seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton boasts one of the largest social media followings amongst the athletes around the world and the most in F1. The driver is said to have a lot of impact in the world of motorsports since he became the first black driver to ever race in F1.

Now, with an upcoming documentary with Apple +, the British driver hopes to have a positive impact on its viewers. On another note, if a biographical picture could be made on Lewis, just like Will Smith’s King Richard, the Briton asserted that his entire focus remains on this documentary, but he does like the idea of it. He said, “Very inspired by how Will [Smith] did it with his team. And with those two icons, pretty proud of them. So yeah, maybe one day.”

Speaking of the documentary, which is yet to have a release schedule or even a title, Lewis Hamilton, as quoted by motorsportweek.com, said, “We have this documentary that we’re working on, and I think you have to just do everything at the right time. The documentary is the current focus. I think stories are there to be told. And as I mentioned, for people, if you can affect and have a positive impact if your story can have one positive impact even on one person or one family, that could be amazing.”

Lewis Hamilton’s challenge of another project, reportedly with Apple + and Brad Pitt

Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt
Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt

The 7x world champion is reported to be associated with another F1-related project of Apple +, which is said to have been joined by the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. However, Lewis hasn’t confirmed his association, but his statements surely help in connecting the dots.

He said that he is, “going through a process right now of castings for another project that I have. That’s quite an interesting process to go through. So it’s quite exciting, reading up on all these different characters, people that could fit a role that the script.”

He concluded by saying, “You know when the script’s written, and they’re writing that character, finding someone that matches that and represents that character is quite an interesting process.”

Lewis currently stands fifth in the drivers’ championship, having an unexpectedly slow start to the season. The driver’s chances of winning the record eighth title could only be revived if the team manages to pull off a miraculous development in the coming weeks.

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