“Completely false,” Valtteri Bottas dismisses talks of a rift between him and Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas has dismissed rumors of him falling out with Mercedes, and realizes that he needs to work on his performances.

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas has endured a difficult start to his 2021 season, as he finds himself on the fourth spot in the drivers championship. The Finnish driver finished fourth at the French GP 2021, after a poor strategy from Mercedes, despite Bottas insisting on a two stop pit strategy.

There have been rumors of Valtteri Bottas’ strained relationship with Mercedes, and particularly, Toto Wolff. However, the Finnish driver has stated these claims are false, and he maintains good relations with his team.

“I can be very direct on that, that perception is completely false. We have a good relationship with the team. There are no issues. Those kinds of situations, they’re normal,” said Bottas.

“I’m sure not all the things have been broadcast in the past, and what has brought us this far as a team has always been being direct, and always being honest on your feelings and if you feel there is a place for improvement. So it’s nothing new and everything is good,” he added.

Valtteri Bottas realizes that he needs to perform better

There have been several rumors about George Russell replacing Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes next season. The Finnish driver has been put under tremendous pressure this season, as he has failed to finish on the podium in his last three races. However, Bottas accepts the fact that the only way he can keep his seat, is to maximize his performance at Mercedes.

“Everyone knows how this sport works – if you make results, you will earn your place where you deserve to be,” he said. If you don’t make results, and the team feel like they need to change the driver, they will change the driver. It’s very simple in this sport,said Bottas.

“Again, I’m just going back that there are 16 races to go. The team know what I’m capable of, they know how valuable I’ve been in recent years of getting the championship etc. “But that’s the situation and that’s where I’m at. I need to try and maximize. It’s simple,” he added.

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