Free Fire Dragon Gate Event: How to get Dragon Gangster Bundle

The new Dragon gate event launched by Free Fire today has several exclusive rewards including Dragon Gangster Bundle. Here we will discuss how you can access and get the bundle in the new event.

Dragon Gate event in Free Fire

Free Fire launched a new event called ‘Dragon Gate’ today. The new Dragon Gate Event in Free Fire features several exclusive items alongside Dragon Gangster Bundle as its grand prize. Today we share with you how to get Dragon Gangster Bundle in Free Fire.

Events are added to Free Fire by Garena frequently. The events come with a range of exclusive items in Free Fire. Completing the events, players would get these items featured in the events. Most of them require diamonds but they offer good deals. The new Dragon Gate event in Free Fire has now commenced in the game, which consists of a wide array of rewards for players.

Here is how you can get Dragon Gangster Bundle in new Dragon Gate in Free Fire.

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Dragon Gate event in Free Fire

Dragon Gate event in Free fire
Dragon gate event in Free Fire

The Dragon gate event in Free Fire offers a lot of unique items in the game. Dragon Gangster Bundle is the grand prize in the new event. The new event has been started today (3rd June) and will go live up to June 7nd in the game. Players have to check their luck and obtain as many awards as they can by swapping the two doors in the event.

The rewards of Dragon Gate Event in Free Fire:

  • Dragon Gangster Bundle
  • Aurous Dragon Scar Box (skin)
  • Mythological Ride (Skin)
  • Dragon Lair Backpack (Skin)
  • Draconic Invasion (skin-parachute)
  • Lunar New Year 2020
  • Cube Fragment
  • Auspicious Aura

You are given a chance to select a grand prize before heading into the event. Then you can spin the doors by clicking on ‘open’ The doors will be swapped and gets opened to get you a reward. If your luck is good enough you can Dragon Gangster Bundle in few tries. However, you can get it after 8 tries in which the first one is for free.

The rules of the event provide users with more insights. Here’s what they state:

Free fire dragon gate event
Rules of Dragon Gate event in free Fire

Event Duration: 3-7 June 2021

  • Enter the Dragon Gate to win the Dragon Gangster Bundle
  • The Grand Prize will be hidden behind one of the two doors
  • The first try is free!
  • You are guaranteed to win the grand prize in another 7 tries.

How to access the event in Free Fire

Players can follow the steps given below to access the Dragon Gate event in Garena Free Fire:

Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire on your device and once you have access to the main screen lobby click on the ‘calendar’ button.

Dragon Gate event in Free Fire
Click on ‘Go To’ to access the event

Step 2: Then must navigate through the “News” tab and click on the “Change Your Fate” option.

Step 3: Then, tap on “Dragon Gate’ which is the second option in the News section. Tap in ‘Go to’ to enter the event.

Dragon Gangster Bundle
Dragon Gangster Bundle in Free Fire Dragon Gate event

Once you enter the event you can select the bundle as your grand prize and click on ‘confirm’. Then the rewards will be drawn automatically once you click on ‘open’. The first try is for free. After each try, you will receive a reward. Then a new Reward will be selected automatically by the game alongside the grand prize you had selected. Then you need to spin until you get the grand prize Dragon Gangster Bundle.

You get 50% off on the next two successive tries. The consecutive tries will cost you 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 199, 499 diamonds after the free one.

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