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Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game in the mobile gaming community. Likewise the game has garnered a massive player base all around the world. The developers always introduce new updates and events that keeps the game interesting. With the month of February gone, the developers are all set for the month of March. Likewise, in this article we take a look at the Free Fire Survivor Update announced on March 2nd, 2021.

Free Fire had recently released the OB26 update last month. Likewise, this update was known as Project Cobra and was a huge success. The update bought with it a horde of events and new items. However, this update is nearing the end, as the players gear up for a new update. The Project Cobra events will still be available for a few more days for the players to obtain them.

However, the new month of March will feature a whole new set of events and challenges. Moreover a new Weapon Royale and web events also make-up the coming week in the latest update, Survivors.

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List of all the Events for the upcoming week for Free Fire Survivor Update

The Free Fire Survivor Update features the following events:

Arm Yourself (1/3/2021 – 9/3/ 2021)

March update 3 - FirstSportz

Under this event a horde of events will be released till 9th March. Currently the Master of M4A1 challenge is live. In this players need to use the weapon in games to defeat the opponents. This will make you the master of the said weapon.

The rewards for this event are Weapon Crates and vouchers.

Weapon Royale: M60 Viper Gangster (3/3/2021 – 19/3/2021)

March update 1 - FirstSportz

The new Weapon Royale will feature the M60’s new skin. This skin is inspired by crimelords and will increase the fire rate of the gun. Moreover, this will consist of a discount.

Rampage Mode Open (5/3/ 2021 – 7/3/2021)

No information has been released about this event, as of yet.

Penalty Shootout (5/3/2021 – 11/3/2021)

March update 2 - FirstSportz

Players can obtain the Top Scorer emote in this latest web event. This emote is widely popular among the player base and now is the chance to get it!

Diamond Royale: Star Gazer Bundle (8/3/2021 – 7/4/2021)

March update 4 - FirstSportz

A new Diamond Royale is all set to be added to the game. Likewise, this diamond royale brings with it, the latest bundle, The Star Gazer Bundle. This bundle features the power of the cosmos and inner light! Players can spin the Diamond Royale for a chance at getting this bundle.

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