Free Fire Theme Gun Sale, 40% off in Free Fire Store: All you need to know!

The Free Fire Theme Gun Sale is now available in the Free Fire Store at a 40% off and players can access it only for 18th July, 2021!

Free Fire Theme Gun Sale
Free Fire Theme Gun Sale

Free Fire boasts a huge catalogue of weapons and similarly a huge collection of weapon skins. We take a look at the Free Fire Theme Gun Sale at 40% off in the Store!

Players have the option of getting weapon cosmetics from many of the events that pop-up in the game often. These can either be free or even require the players to spend diamonds. However, the Free Fire Store also has a wide variety of weapon cosmetics that the players can buy.

These items in the store require diamonds but they are now on a huge discount! This event is called the Free Fire Theme Gun Sale!

Free Fire Theme Gun Sale, 40% off

Free Fire Theme Gun
Free Fire Theme Gun

The Free Fire Theme Gun Sale will allow the players to purchase weapon loot crates and theme gun skins at a rate much lower than normal. Players still need to spend diamonds, but considerably less.

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The gun skins are all available in the armory section and features the following:

  • The Falconer
  • Xtreme Adventure
  • Superstar
  • Hurricane Delivery MAG-7
  • Hurricane Delivery
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Party Animal
  • Master of Minds Gun
  • Justice Fighter
  • Victory Wings
  • Private Eye
  • Game Streamer
  • Urban Rager
  • Kpop Stardom
  • Graffiti
  • Biker
  • Demolitionist
  • Engineer
  • Deadly Bat
  • Playboy
  • A.I.
  • Pink Devil
  • Monster
  • Booyah
  • Death’s Eye
  • Ice Blue
  • Shark Attack
  • Red Samurai
  • Imperial Rome
  • Digital Invasion
  • Winterlands
  • Flaming Wolf
  • Violet Terror
  • Cheetah
  • Pharaoh
  • Titanium
  • Pink Paradise
  • Skyline
  • Bumblebee
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Players can obtain these crates at a huge discounted price of 15 diamonds instead of the normal, 25 diamonds. However, players need to rush as these are only available for 18th July, 2021 in Free Fire.

How to get the skins in Free Fire?

Free Fire Theme Gun
Free Fire Theme Gun
  • Players need to open the Garena Free Fire app and then navigate to the Store option on the left side of the home-screen.
  • After this players need to click on the Armory option on the right top side of the Free Fire Store.
  • Players can then purchase any cosmetic of their choice by clicking in the Purchase option down below!

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