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Free Fire: Which of the following characters has not yet Awakened? (Today’s quiz question)

In this article, we will look at the question asked in the Free Fire 4th anniversary quiz event on August 26. Read to find out the answer.

Today’s Free Fire 4th anniversary quiz question is “Which of the following characters has not yet Awakened?” Here, we will discuss the correct answer for it.

Garena FF’s 4th-anniversary party events have been attracting so much attention since the OB29 release. New characters, features, UI changes, additions and many more have been included with the commencement of the 4th anniversary. The devs have also set up a quiz for all players which will ask a new question daily and those who have answered correctly, are rewarded with cosmetics.

The quiz event is not that complicated to obtain free rewards and all they need to do is give correct answers. Each question expires at the end of the day. But players can have multiple chances to give their answers. Thus, they need to worry if they have attempted a wrong answer. Let us know the answer to today’s quiz question.

Free Fire 4th anniversary quiz answers for daily questions


The allotted question for the 4th-anniversary quiz event on August 26 is as follows:

"Which of the following characters has not yet Awakened?"

The answers to the question are as follows:

1) Hayato

2) Moco

3) Kelly

4) Andrew

The right answer to the question is “2) Moco.”


The rewards of the 4th-anniversary quiz event include the following items:

  • Gold Royale Voucher – availed after 1 correct answers
  • Party Animal Weapon Loot Box3 – availed after 2 correct answers
  • Pet Foodx3 – availed after 3 correct answers
  • Crimson Neon Parachute – availed after 4 correct answers
  • 4th Anniversary Pin – availed after 5 correct answers

Moco Character Ability

Moco Character

Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s eye and it is a passive skill. Her ability tags enemies that shot her for 2 seconds at base level and the info is shared with teammates. At the maximum level, The time gets increased to 5 seconds.

All the other characters except Moco in the given options are awakened in the game.

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If you guys have attempted an incorrect answer, you need not worry. You can collect more chances to answer by completing missions which are accomplished by playing the game.

To get chances, players need to click on ‘Get Answer chance’ and they will be displayed the following options:

Free Fire: Which of the following characters has not yet Awakened? (Today's quiz question) 2
  1. Play 1 game with friends – avails 1 answer chance
  2. Play 3 games- avails +1 answer chance
  3. Play 5 games- avails 1 answer chances

How to participate in the Free Fire 4th anniversary quiz event?

  • Open Garena Free Fire app on your devices and then head to the Calendar section by clicking the same icon present on the right side of the screen.
  • Now, click on the 4th Anniversary tab to proceed. A set of events will be displayed.
  • Tap on the Anniversary Quiz out of all subsections present on the page.
  • Tap on “Go To” and the players will be redirected to the Quiz Page.
  • Players can select their answer and click on the Submit button below to participate.
  • If the Answer is wrong, the players can click on the “Get Answer Chance” option to get another try.
  • Upon collecting enough points, players can redeem the reward on the right side of the Quiz Page.

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