From Jessica Rose Clark to Jared Cannonier 5 horrific MMA arm breaks that will make you squeamish

From Jessica Rose Clark to Jared Cannonier 5 horrific MMA arm breaks that will make you squeamish

Jessica Clark breaks her arm at UFC 276

Injuries are a part and parcel of life once you decide to step foot inside the steel cage. Even Jessica Rose Clark and Jared Cannonier who recently competed at UFC 276 have been victims of such injuries in the past.

A common sentiment is that it’s not the injury that hurts the fighter the most but instead the long road to recovery that follows it, which apart from stacking up medical bills also means they can’t get to work or train to a reasonable extent. While some fighters manage to bounce back from such injuries a few find it extremely difficult to get back on the right path after such a life-altering occurrence.

Here are 5 such injuries that will sure leave you queasy and questioning your love for the sport.

5. Jessica Rose Clark

Jessica Rose Clark x Jared Cannonier x MMA Arm Breaks
Jessica Rose Clark caught in an Armbar at UFC 276

The latest entry to this list, Jessica Rose Clark was scheduled to face Julija Stoliarenko in the first fight of the UFC 276 early prelims. Looking to bounce back from her previous submission loss, Jessica Rose Clark was paired up against Julija, a black belt under Roger Gracie. Early on in the fight, Clark ended up getting caught in a vicious armbar by Stoliarenko who went on to get the submission victory but by the time the ref stepped in Clark’s elbow was already in a position it should’ve been.

While Clark has criticized Stoliarenko for not letting go of her at the moment she tapped, the rules are to keep fighting till the ref steps in.

4. Jared Cannonier

Jessica Rose Clark x Jared Cannonier x MMA Arm Breaks
Jared Cannonier fights with a broken arm

Unlike most fighters on this list, it wasn’t a submission that led to Cannonier hurting his arm but a stand-up exchange. Fighting in Abu Dhabi against Robert Whittaker, the fight was to determine the next #1 contender at middleweight. During the initial exchange between the two, Whittaker landed a kick that Jared Cannonier blocked with his guard but this ended up snapping apart his ulna bone. Jared Cannonier would continue to fight all three rounds despite not being able to mount a significant offense. Incredibly he was able to inflict the most damage late in Round 3

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3. Meisha Tate

Jessica Rose Clark x Jared Cannonier x MMA Arm Breaks
Roundey Rousey breaks Meisha Tate’s arm winning the Strikeforce Bantamweight championship

Meisha Tate and Ronda Rousey gave WMMA the legitimacy it so desperately needed in it’s infancy not just in the eyes of fans but also the UFC, who still didn’t have a women’s division in the company. Competing for the Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship, Tate and Rousey would make headlines due to Tate’s already established legacy and Rousey’s never before seen hype train.
The hype would beat legacy that night as Rousey caught Tate in armbar in the very first round. While Tate would struggle to stay in the fight and escape the armbar, those attempts would end up with her turning the wrong way and snapping her elbow.

2. Jamahal Hill

Jessica Rose Clark x Jared Cannonier x MMA Arm Breaks
Jamahal Hill dislocates his shoulder at UFC 263

“Sweet Dreams” is what Jamahal Hill hoped to have at UFC 263 but the BJJ Maestro from Scotland, Paul Craig had other plans. A rising prospect like Hill was expected to swiftly beat and move on from the aging Craig, when he got caught in a nasty armbar from the Scott dislocating his shoulder leaving him unable to defend himself.

Craig would go on to win the bout via TKO, while Hill was left with a dangling arm. However, his coaches on realising it was a dislocation and not a break would pop it back in place immediately. The two ended up at the after-party together and set aside all beef forever.

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Honorable Mentions:

Jacre Souza : breaks his arm against Andre Muniz. Jacre required surgery to repair his right humerus (the bone between the elbow and shoulder) and ultimately retired from the sport

Forrest Griffin: Breaks his arm mid-fight against Edson Paredao and goes on to knock out his opponent using his other hand

1. Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia
Frank Mir breaks Tim Sylvia’s arm during their bout at UFC 40

Perhaps one of the most gruesome injuries in MMA history, Tim Sylvia is still suffering the effects of that night in his late 40’s. At UFC 48, Sylvia was squared against the fellow future champion, Frank Mir, a rare submission expert in the early days of heavyweight. Sylvia would get caught in an armbar attempt by Mir in the opening seconds of the round.

Though he never tapped, Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight. After the initial confusion, on rewatching in slow motion it was clear Herb saw Sylvia’s arm pop and hence stepped in. Today Tim suffers from infections in the same arm due to the screws that were put in there all the way back then. Worst of it all the UFC refuses to acknowledge it as their responsibility to see that the veteran’s medical expenses are paid.

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