Garena Free Fire: Aug Gun Booyah Day Event

Free Fire has launched an event Aug Gun Booyah Day event. It's a gold skin Aug with lightening effects. To get this skin you need to top up Diamonds.

Aug Booyah Day Event

Skins have become an integral part of games. Skins give an ebullient feel in game to play.

It increases the purview of a player and these skins used by content creators attract more players to play the game.

It’s a win-win situation for both. The developers have filled season 29 with fun-filled and challenging activities and notable events.

I will be discussing about Aug Gun Booyah Day Event today.

How to get Aug Gun Booyah Skin:

Aug Gold Skin

The Aug gun Booyah day event is now live on Free Fire.  The booyah Aug skin is an attractive gold skin that has a beautiful, elegant, and has a deadly look.

The event will be live from 9th October to 15th October 2020.

The accuracy of this gun is good but the damage is less compared to Ak and reload speed is very slow.

 To get Aug Booyah Skin:

In this event you need to top up diamonds there is no other way to unlock it.

The first draw will be free you don’t need to top up any diamonds. So, everyone who participates in this event can be assured of getting one free skin of any gun or AK.

After the first draw, you need top-up 9 diamonds. There are nine shuffled Flips where you need to choose one case for every flip.

For every draw the number of Diamonds doubles.

Shuffled Flips

The diamonds needed for every draw is like this: –

Draw Number                   Diamonds

  • First Flip                             Free
  • Second Flip                          9
  • Third Flip                           19
  • Fourth Flip                          39
  • Fifth Flip                              69
  • Sixth Flip                             99
  • Seventh Flip                       199
  • Eighth Flip                          299
  • Ninth Flip                          499

However, it’s completely based on luck so it depends on which lucky Flip you will win the Aug Skin.

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