“He barely touched Jamahal Hill,” Georges St-Pierre coach credits Alex Pereira’s ‘pinky finger’ for monstrous KO at UFC 300

Firas Zahabi talks about Alex Pereira's KO punch at UFC 300 and terms him the best kickboxer of all time.

“He barely touched Jamahal Hill,” Georges St-Pierre coach credits Alex Pereira’s ‘pinky finger’ for monstrous KO at UFC 300

Georges St-Pierre's coach on Alex Pereira (Image via Imago/X )

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre‘s coach Firas Zahabi was full of praise for light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. He complimented Pereira’s incredible knockout punch against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300 on his YouTube channel. Zahabi even said Pereira could arguably be the greatest kickboxer of all time.


Firas Zahabi recently uploaded a video on the Tristar YouTube channel. There he talked about Alex Pereira‘s knockout punch in quite some detail.

He barely touched Jamahal Hill. I think because he landed with the pinky, it was a Mexican hook, there was a diagonal here, he's transferring more force than most people throw with a hook. He's got the great hook.
Firas Zahabi via Tristar

Zahabi said Pereira’s KO was phenomenal and probably one of the best of all time. The coach explained what a Mexican hook was and expressed his appreciation for it. He also brought up former boxer Jack Dempsey and one of his hooks.

Zahibi explained how landing with the pinky was way better than landing with the middle or index finger. Georges St-Pierre is not the only famous athlete that Zahabi trained. Other top contenders he has trained in MMA include Robert Whittaker, Vitor Belfort, Rory MacDonald, and others.


Alex Pereira avenged his coach Glover Teixeira

Former light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira is the mentor of the now reigning champion Alex Pereira. Teixeira did not hold his title for long because he lost it to Jiri Prochazka in his first title defense. And then he lost to Jamahal Hill when fighting for the title again.

Alex Pereira Glover Texeira
Alex Pereira and Glover Texeira (Image via X )

But as Alex Pereira entered the light heavyweight scene, he defeated both contenders and secured the light heavyweight title belt. Pereira beat Prochazka at UFC 295 in the second round and then went on to beat Hill in the first round at UFC 300.

Now Pereira is taking a break to recover from his injuries. His prior plan was to fight just weeks after at UFC 301. But Pereira’s manager revealed that there is no way ‘Poaton’ will be showing up in the octagon at Rio de Janeiro.

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