‘What is going on’ exclaims Borgmeier as Bryson DeChambeau posts 400-yards for fun

Bryson Dechambeau had to make do with second place as he falls short by a 20-yard mark at the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is known for his long drives towards the green and as evidence suggests he’s quite good at it. He’s back at Professional Long Drivers Association World Championships that’s been going on in Mesquite, Nevada. DeChambeau tried his luck at the competition last year too.

He who won the U.S. Championship 2020 and finished second in the long drive competition, just behind Martin Borgmeier. Not bad for a guy who’s just fond of the long drive and does not take it professionally.

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Bryson DeChambeau misses by just 20-yards

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

Martin Borgmeier shot a mammoth 426 yards to win the championship. He faced DeChambeau in the finals, whose longest drive in the showdown was 406 yards.

“I would not be here, none of us would be here with the improvements in technology if one guy wouldn’t have come in a year ago to make the sport what it is right now,” Borgmeier states.

“He also came in second! What is going on! That guy is a professional golfer and he’s putting up these ball speed numbers … he lights it up in the final, hitting 400 plus! No one has ever done that before! People don’t realize how crazy that is!” – quoted Borgmeier who was astonished by what the Americans could do. Looks like Bryson DeChambeau did rattle some cages down there in Nevada.

Kyle Berkshire, who won the championship two times in a row was also at the competition. Although, he didn’t pose a threat to either – Borgmeier or DeChambeau. Rather, he didn’t last long owing to his recovery from hand surgery last month.

Bryson was all set to upset Borgmeier – who came into the tournament as a favorite. He also defeated some big names like Justin James and Zack Holton. DeChambeau looks like he’ll definitely be one of the champions in the future and cause heartbreak for golfers who are in it professionally.

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