“Can’t help people that don’t want help,” Brooks Koepka once again HAMMERS Smash GC teammate Matthew Wolff, claims ‘I tried’ to help him

Brooks Koepka has once again attacked his Smash GC teammate Matthew Wolff and claimed he tried to help him throughout the year.

“Can’t help people that don’t want help,” Brooks Koepka once again HAMMERS Smash GC teammate Matthew Wolff, claims ‘I tried’ to help him

Brooks Koepka (L) and Matthew Wolff (R) [Pic Credit: Imago/LIV Golf]

Ahead of the grand finale of LIV Golf in Miami this week, the tensions between Smash GC can be clearly felt. Captain Brooks Koepka last week took a massive swipe at his teammate Matthew Wolff when he claimed that there were only three of them on the team. The LIV Golf Jeddah champion has now once again talked about him signaling that he is officially done with Wolff.


The American golfer has not enjoyed a great time on the greens this year. His struggle this year led to heavy backlash from his team captain in July. Koepka now seems to have had enough of him.

The 2023 PGA Championship winner informed the media that he tried to help Wolff throughout the year. He later added that it is perhaps past the point and he can’t help him if he (Wolff) does not want it.

I’ve tried. I’ve spent majority of the beginning of the year trying to help and trying to figure that out,” Koepka said at the start. The 33-year-old further added, “I think it’s past point. I’ve tried — I’ve been very open on it, and sometimes you can’t help people that don’t want help.”


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Brooks Koepka gearing up for a major quarterfinal clash against Phil Mickelson

After 13 events on the LIV Golf circuit this year, the final event will see teams fight for the team championship. The teams are seeded on the rankings throughout the season. The top four teams have automatic byes for the next round. During this quarterfinal clash, the Smash GC will take on HyFlyers GC thus seeing off a potential mouth-watering battle between Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson.

Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson
Brooks Koepka (L) and Phil Mickelson (R)

The two captains have a lot of experience under their belt and are both multi-time major champions. They will face off in a singles match while the other three will be split in another singles match and a foursome match. For Smash GC the latter event will see Brooks’s younger brother Chase Koepka partner up with Matthew Wolff.

An interesting thing for Smash GC is that these two players could play an important role in finishing the season on a high. After the event conclusion, it is highly likely that the team will be down by two members as Chase has been relegated while Wolff does not seem to be on good terms with his leader.


The other matches see Stingers GC take on Iron Head GC, Fireballs GC going up against Majestics GC, and Cameron Smith‘s lead Rippers GC face off Cleeks GC on Friday in Miami.

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