6x Major Champion Phil Mickelson expresses CONFIDENCE on more Tour players joining LIV Golf next season

Phil Mickelson has once again spoke in support for the future of LIV Golf and claimed that more players are wanting to join them.

6x Major Champion Phil Mickelson expresses CONFIDENCE on more Tour players joining LIV Golf next season

Phil Mickelson (Pic Credit: Imago)

As the LIV golfers prepare for the grand finale in Miami, the buzz regarding the future has increased. Following the announcement of the merger with the PGA Tour, the questions regarding their future had risen up. Six-time major champion Phil Mickelson has reassured that they not going away and expressed his confidence that more players will join.

The “Lefty” was one of the big names that jumped ships to sail with the LIV Golf. He now believes that more players will do the same and informed that he is attending calls regarding this.


Recently LIV Golf was once again in the headlines after the OWGR committee denied giving them ranking points. This though does not seem to faze the 45-time PGA Tour winner. Instead, he is confident that more players will soon join them like the same exodus that took place two years ago from the PGA Tour and DP World Tour.

Do I think that?” Mickelson said when asked whether this type of wave could be seen. He would boldly answer, ” No — I know that’s going to happen. When players look at LIV, they are wanting to be a part of it. Everybody here is happy and enjoying what we are doing… “. He though highlighted that there are more players than spots at the moment.

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Brandel Chamblee counters Phil Mickelson’s claim of more players wanting to join LIV Golf

In recent months, the tensions between Phil Mickelson and Brandel Chamblee have risen to newer heights. The golf analyst has slammed him time and again and even urged for his removal from the Golf HOF. He has now once again attacked the golfer and slammed his claim on more players wanting to join the LIV Golf.

Chamblee has been highly active on social media. On multiple occasions, he could be seen berating LIV Golf. This time he countered the words of Mickelson and claimed that he actually “hopes” others will join the breakaway tour.

Brandel Chamblee and Phil Mickelson
Brandel Chamblee (L) and Phil Mickelson (R) [Pic Credit: Golf Magazine/Imago]

He says others will join, but what he means is, he HOPES others stars will, just like all those do who find themselves catastrophically on the wrong side of an issue, hoping that others will come along…,” the Golf Channel expert said.


Chamblee and Mickelson were also expected to battle out their words during an open discussion and settle their differences. However, the merger meant that this plan never proceeded further.

Mickelson now hopes to put all this aside as he prepares a huge clash against Brooks Koepka on day one. The two captains will face off when their teams, Smash GC and HyFlyers GC battled it out during the first day of the grand finale from Miami.

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