“Should be removed from the Hall of Fame,” Brandel Chamblee urges for removal of Phil Mickelson from HOF over ties with LIV Golf

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee has once again attack Phil Mickelson and urged that the LIV Golfer should be removed from the Golf Hall of Fame.

“Should be removed from the Hall of Fame,” Brandel Chamblee urges for removal of Phil Mickelson from HOF over ties with LIV Golf

Brandel Chamblee (L) and Phil Mickelson (R) [Pic Credit: Golf Magazine/NY Post]

The golf drama between analyst Brandel Chamblee and LIV golfer Phil Mickelson has a new chapter. The two have previously taken shots at each other over the existence of LIV Golf. Chamblee has now once again attacked the golf veteran and has asked for his removal from the World Golf Hall of Fame.

The whole story started before the PGA-LIV merger came into place. Chamblee had launched verbal attacks on “the lefty,” and engaged in a Twitter spat with him. This time he has once again blasted him for causing “irreparable damage,” to the sport of golf. While talking to Golf, Chamblee did not hold back on giving his clear thoughts about the HyFlyers captain.


I think Phil should be removed from the Hall of Fame,” Chamblee started off. “He’s caused irreparable damage to the game,” he further added before continuing his attack on Mickelson. The golf channel analyst also stated that the six-time major champion has “no business,’ being in the Hall of Fame.

While Chamblee has been known for his hot takes, many fans are considering this a step too far. Mickelson who is usually highly active on social media, has not made any comments regarding this development yet.

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Brandel Chamblee blames Phil Mickelson for the growth of LIV Golf

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Phil Mickelson (R) and Brandel Chamblee (L) [Pic Credit: CNBC/Bunkered]

Brandel Chamblee has time and again attacked the LIV Golf. He had claimed that working with LIV was like shaking hands with a murderous dictator. The Saudi-funded tour has received several criticisms along the way. Chamblee has also blasted those who left the PGA Tour for LIV and blamed Phil Mickelson for it.

The 61-year former professional named the likes of Talor Gooch and former major champions Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and Greg Norman. However, he changed his direction of attack and took a swipe at Mickelson. According to him, Mickelson was the only one who could have made a difference.

He was moved and motivated by greed and that titled the game in that direction,” Chamblee claimed. He also added that the dilemma the tour suffered could have been avoided if Mickelson did something. Chamblee though is not the only one who has directed verbal attacks on Mickelson though as a former captain of US Ryder Cup team Lanny Wadkins recently called him a “disappointing figure,” in golf.


It has been a tough few days for Mickelson personally as well. A disappointing round three performance at the Bedminster tournament came after incidents of his gambling addictions surfaced. He would promptly decline his involvement in gambling on the Ryder Cup. What will his reaction be to this assault from Chamblee remains to be seen.

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