Brooks Koepka’s coach predicts LIV Golf players will have a difficult time at 2023 Masters

Brooks Koepka's coach discusses about the terrible catastrophe about to befall LIV players as they are about to play their first Major tournament

Brooks Koepka’s coach predicts LIV Golf players will have a difficult time at 2023 Masters

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Brooks Koepka’s coach is adamant in believing that the Netflix documentary, ‘Full Swing’ did his apprentice ‘no favors’ in terms of improving his game. Koepka was featured in the second episode, titled, Win or Go Home, which contrasted Koepka with the rise of Scottie Scheffler.


While Koepka was shown to exhibit signs of frustration and depression over his decline in performance, Scheffler was shown reaching the top of his performance level while also documenting his historic win at the 2022 Masters.

While Scheffler kept his faith in his continued resilience for the top spots, Koepka, although he kept toiling with practice, was always being led to an empty road filled with disappointments. In the episode, Koepka compares himself to Scheffler, saying, “That kid, I guarantee if you ask him what he’s thinking about, he goes: ‘Nothing.’ The best player in the world doesn’t have any damn thoughts in his head, so why would you, right? You’re trying to be the best player in the world, so if Scottie ain’t doing it, why the hell am I doing it?”

Veteran swing coach Pete Cowen has also discussed Koepka’s situation and form, which he laments about on Netflix. Cowen says, “That [Netflix Documentary] did him no favors. The way he talked openly about being not good enough. It was, ‘Poor me,’ and it’s almost like he’s saying it to punish himself. They all do it, though, they get so high and so low that there’s nothing in between.”


Cowen also has few words to say about LIV Golfers appearing at the 2023 Masters. While he is not anti-LIV, he believes that these players might face a tough time facing the other PGA Tour and DP World Tour players at Augusta National.

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Brooks Koepka’s coach Pete Cowen believes that LIV Golfers will face a tough break at the 2023 Masters

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Pete Cowen thinks that the LIV Golfers have a tough end to break, facing the other veterans and professionals at the 2023 Masters. In fact, these players are up for ‘turbulent times.’ In fact, he is not at all optimistic about players who are not playing competitive golf regularly. According to Cowen, if a player is not playing competitively in any sport, they are bound to struggle.

Stressing the fact that he is not anti-LIV, Cowen says, “Whether they say they do or not, they all play for money. They are selfish and they have to be to be very good players. Ask Rory how much appearance money he gets a year. They all need to get round a table because if someone is investing billions into my sport I’d be saying, ‘How can I accommodate you?’


Currently, Koepka and Phil Mickelson are reported to be facing disappointment and buyer’s remorse after their million-dollar switch to LIV Golf. While Koepka signed a $100 million contract, Phil Mickelson was offered a massive $200 million contract by the Saudi-funded league. Should they decide to leave the league before their contract ends, they might have to pay a penalty amounting to one, two, or perhaps, four times their contract cost!

Brooks Koepka, however, spoke about his LIV move, saying, “I’m fine, I’m satisfied, I’m content with every decision I’ve made. I knew everything I was getting into.”

Both Koepka and Mickelson are signed to LIV Golf till 2025. They will be joined by other 16 players from the Saudi-backed rebel circuit in the Masters 2023, scheduled to take place this week.

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