“Inaccurate reports” – Bryson DeChambeau’s connection with LIV Golf is questioned by court

The court is now questioning the relationship between professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau and LIV Golf after the lawsuit was filed.

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

Mid-February saw allegations that Bryson DeChambeau had been given a nine-figure offer to leave the PGA Tour as rumors about which players would be joining the new league financed by Saudi Arabia ran rampant. He informed his teammates twice that he was leaving the tour.

According to the No Laying Up podcast: once in January and once in February. DeChambeau called the reports “inaccurate” on Feb 14. A week later, Fire Pit Collective published Phil Mickelson’s account in which he dubbed Saudis “crazy mother******s.”

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DeChambeau’s contract with LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau

Dustin Johnson had recommitted to the PGA Tour just hours previously, and the Mickelson catastrophe appeared to threaten LIV. DeChambeau joined LIV Golf on June 10 and played his first event in Portland in early July. Now, he and 10 other golfers have launched an antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour. Within the 105 pages of paper is a peculiar section about DeChambeau‘s departure. 166 states: The Tour’s threats of penalties and career damage hurt LIV Golf’s ability to sign elite golfers.

Some players (including Plaintiff DeChambeau) were forced to pledge devotion to the Tour. Other players who had previously agreed to all terms with LIV Golf said they couldn’t sign and pledged commitment to the Tour. Players that wanted to join LIV Golf couldn’t due to these threats. A rival tour without player support would be impossible to compete with the PGA Tour, as Commissioner Monahan stated in his 2020 Memorandum.

This seems DeChambeau had signed a contract with LIV Golf before the Mickelson scandal. The scandal worried him, Johnson, and others, but it appears his public pronouncements about continuing with the Tour were a hedge against the venture’s collapse. He had already signed a deal with LIV Golf, thus his hedge was false.

Although he wasn’t alone, as stated in the grievance text above, it appears to demonstrate that DeChambeau’s protestations regarding “inaccurate” reports and his dedication to the PGA Tour were never sincere and that even as he issued those contradictory statements, his real intent was always to join LIV Golf as soon as it was safe to do so.

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