Dustin Johnson describes “zero” interest to watch himself in Full Swing contrary of Ian Poulter’s stance on Netflix show

Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter showcase different stances regarding the Netflix series Full Swing during an interview on Wednesday.

<strong>Dustin Johnson describes “zero” interest to watch himself in Full Swing contrary of Ian Poulter’s stance on Netflix show</strong>

Dustin Johnson [Image Credit: Essentially Sports]

Former World No. 1 Dustin Johnson strictly said “no” to watching himself act in the Netflix series Full Swing during a press conference on Wednesday. Contrary to his stance, Ian Poulter rather praised and enjoyed himself watching the series, complementing and wishing for success just like the F1 series Drive to Survive.

DJ was asked if he had watched himself on Netflix during the interview for the LIV Golf 2nd season. His answers were simple and straightforward, though he did comment on them apologetically saying he was just stating facts.


I have not” Johnson answered when asked about the series. He was further probed if he has any plans to watch it, to which DJ replied, “Probably not”. “I’m just being honest”. The former World No. 1 said, “Zero…I watched them [Netflix] film me, so no need to watch the episode”.

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Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter talk about their reasons to switch to LIV

Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter [Image Credit: Sportscasting]
Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter [Image Credit: Sportscasting]

Dustin Johnson’s move to LIV has been brought to question a lot of times, and even his wife Paulina Gretzky spoke in for her husband. Both have been vocal about their move, as DJ stated, his move involved the motto, play less earn more. 


In Episode 5 of Full Swing, DJ is shown alongside Matt Fitzpatrick, the US Open winner. DJ is portrayed through his interviews, his standing in golf ranking, and his transition from the PGA Tour to the Saudi-backed league. During his time in PGA, he won 24 times including the 2016 US Open and 2020 Masters.

Following his move to LIV, Johnson got $100 million prize money as a signing bonus. He has since appeared in all of LIV’s 8 events inaugural season, making almost $36 million. In the series, Dustin Johnson said, “The decision to join LIV finally just came down to the offer that they made me”. 

“For me, it was playing less, making more money. Pretty simple. If someone offered anyone a job, doing the same thing they’re already doing, but less time at the office and they’re going to pay them more, pretty sure you’re going to take it. And something is wrong with you if you didn’t.”


Contrary to DJ’s stance on not watching Full Swing, the English star Ian Poulter praised the show. In Episode 3, Poulter talks about the lucrative deal LIV made and why he chose his switch even if it mean giving up on OWGR points, or permission to play in many major events.

Many fans after watching the episode, apologized and even spoke in support of Poulter, which he felt pleased about, “I think the overall piece with the family was pretty good”. “I have had nothing but incredible comments since”.

“Hundreds of notifications on social media from people who were very critical, but apologized and said things like, ‘I got it wrong. I’ve said negative things since you started playing LIV but to be honest, I didn’t know the full story and background.’”


Poulter being a “Drive to Survive” fan, hopes that the golf Netflix series will have a similar impact on the fans, “I’m a huge ‘Drive to Survive’ fan”. “I’m actually waiting for Season 5 to start [Friday], and if this does what it does for Formula 1, which saw a 45-percent uptick in support, then that’s really, really cool. I’d love to take golf to people who haven’t been fans of it previously.”

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