Graeme McDowell PRAISES young players for taking “massive risk” to join LIV Golf

Former US Open winner Graeme McDowell has lauded the efforts and bravery of young players who took massive risks to play for LIV Golf.

Graeme McDowell PRAISES young players for taking “massive risk” to join LIV Golf

Graeme McDowell (Pic Credit: Belfast Telegraph)

The rise of LIV Golf has brought a massive change in the realm of golf. Before its establishment, the PGA Tour served as the big marquee tour for young players to join. Golfer Graeme McDowell has now praised the young players for taking “massive risks” to join them on the Saudi-backed tour.


Top college athletes who preferred to become professional golfers had to take tries at the PGA Tour circuit. They would either have to make it through the Q-School, the Korn Ferry Tour, or other mini-tours to become pros. With the launch of LIV Golf, there has been a drastic change in the scenario, as college players can directly try to join them.

One of the biggest examples of this has been Eugenio-Lopez Chacarra. The Spanish golfer turned down the chance to play at the Korn Ferry and announced his return to Oklahoma State. Two months later, he shocked the world and joined LIV Golf. In May, he praised the quality of the breakaway tour and labeled it the best spot to go after college.

Another name that did the same was David Puig. He and Chacarra were both lauded by the LIV officials for their choice.

It is interesting for these young guys, you look at Chacarra and Puig in particular, they have chosen the LIV path, and we are not really familiar with that path. They have taken a massive risk in a way but they have both kicked on and I’m really happy with these guys.
Joining the others in this praise, Graeme McDowell said via

PGA Tour allows players to appear at LIV Golf promotions events

As the marquee events in the golfing season come to an end, the players have started to look out for their future. One interesting aspect of this is the chance of players getting to join LIV Golf next season. In a major twist, the PGA Tour is now set to allow its players to appear for this LIV Golf promotion event.

Jay Monahan
PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan (Pic Credit: Imago)

The LIV Golf promotion event takes place in Abu Dhabi from December 8 to 10. Players who wish to try their luck at LIV Golf will get the chance to do so at this promotional event. The major thing here is that golfers can try this out without the fear of suspension. Before this, players who joined LIV Golf, including Graeme McDowell and Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra, saw their memberships suspended.

With the golf merger taking center stage, this could be the key reason why this decision by the PGA Tour was taken. This could turn out to be a massive development and opportunity for players who wish to try their luck at other tours without going through the whole process of mini-tours at the PGA circuit.

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