LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman and wife Kirsten SLAPPED with $50,000 negligence charges following 2021 sexual assault lawsuit by teen girl

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, and his wife are hit with negligence charges after a teen girl's sexual assault lawsuit.

LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman and wife Kirsten SLAPPED with $50,000 negligence charges following 2021 sexual assault lawsuit by teen girl

Kirsten Kutner and Greg Norman ( Image via Daily Mail )

A Florida teen has filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually assaulted at a party hosted by Greg Norman, chairman of LIV Golf, and his wife, Kirsten Kutner. Shockingly, court papers further claim that the couple had provided alcohol to underage attendees prior to the incident. These serious allegations have resulted in the filing of a $50,000 negligence lawsuit against Norman and Kutner, according to the New York Post.


The unnamed plaintiff, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims that the couple remained silent about the underage drinking that took place before she fell victim to the assault near the pool of their opulent Palm Beach Gardens mansion.

The accused individuals are now facing a lawsuit, which accuses them of negligence in allowing such a dangerous environment to persist. Norman’s attorney responded to the lawsuit, highlighting its lack of merit. They emphasized the delayed filing of the lawsuit, which occurred around one and a half years after the alleged incident.

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Teen girl’s nightmare: A party gone terribly wrong under Greg Norman’s watch

Greg Norman
Greg Norman ( Image via LIV )

The teenage girl was a friend of Kirsten Kutner‘s daughter from a prior relationship. She attended a party at the family’s residence in September 2021, as mentioned in the court documents.


As per the lawsuit, Kirsten Norman provided alcohol to the girl and Norman’s daughter upon their arrival. As the party progressed and more underage guests arrived, the court documents indicate that alcohol was openly consumed and displayed around the pool area.

The lawsuit tragically details how the plaintiff became heavily intoxicated, eventually losing her ability to stand on her own. She stumbled around the party in a vulnerable state, as described in the court documents.

This disturbing sexual assault lawsuit filed against Greg Norman and his wife, Kirsten Kutner, has shaken the Palm Beach community. While Norman’s attorney dismisses the allegations, emphasizing the timing of the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s claims raise serious concerns regarding the provision of alcohol to underage attendees and the subsequent assault that took place at the couple’s mansion.

As this legal battle unfolds, the implications for the Normans and their reputation in the golf industry are far-reaching, leaving many to ponder the responsibility of those hosting parties and the welfare of their young guests.

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