“I am taking golf a little less seriously,” Matthew Wolff ADMITS moving on from spat with Brooks Koepka, reveals having ‘blast’ on the greens

Matthew Wolff talks about 2023 season and how he plans to work out and set personal goals in the 2024 season.

“I am taking golf a little less seriously,” Matthew Wolff ADMITS moving on from spat with Brooks Koepka, reveals having ‘blast’ on the greens

Matthew Wolff (image by Golf Magazine)

Matthew Wolff, the American professional golfer, shared that he has endured a challenging few years, but has now moved on from his past mess. Battling mental demons and a public falling out with former teammate and LIV Golf Captain Brooks Koepka, Wolff’s career took a turn for worse.


In 2023 Wolff joined forces with Koepka’s Smash GC. because he was also one of the players who opted to switch from PGA Tour to LIV Golf. Unfortunately, the American faced unexpected challenges when he had a public disagreement with Koepka, during the previous season.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, last year, Koepka said that he was quite unhappy with Wolff’s work ethic. Stating that it’s difficult to have a team dynamic when “one guy is not going to give any effort“. He further added that Wolff displayed negative body language.

Koepka noted that although Wolff has a lot of talent, unfortunately, “the talent’s wasted“. Koepka admitted that he had given up on him. In response to his captain’s comments, Wolff expressed feeling ‘heartbroken‘.


Coming to the 2024 season, Wolff swapped out of a rocky partnership with Smash GC leader Brooks Koepka to join Bubba Watson‘s RangeGoats. Previously, the American golfer has been candid about his struggles with mental health, mentioning that he lost his passion for golf during the U.S. Open.

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Matthew Wolff on being part of new franchise, The RangeGoats

Matthew Wolff has joined his new franchise, RangeGoats after departing Smash GC captain Brooks Koepka and his team. RangeGoats captain Bubba Watson expressed his belief that he is taking a chance with the golf prospect, hoping that the right pieces will come together. However, on a personal level, he is excited to have Wolff on his team as he sees an opportunity to positively influence him.

Bubba Watson (L) and Matthew Wolff (R) [Pic credit- LIV Golf]

Wolff expressed his gratitude, saying, “Having support has been more than I could ask for,” noting the team’s harmonious atmosphere and how relaxed he was feeling in his new environment. “A good group of guys that care about you” and is there for you not only on the greens but even off the course, as per Wolff.


Looking at Wolff’s game, it seems that he is beginning to regain his old form during LIV Golf Las Vegas. The thing to watch will be whether his fortunes will change after joining this new franchise. Following a disappointing 30th-place finish in Mexico to start the season, he has regained his form as well, finishing 4th in Vegas, and recently carded a flawless 63 to move up to 2nd place in the current International Series Oman.

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