“Nobody’s really interested,” 6x Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo BOLDLY predicts the end of LIV Golf after shock merger

6x Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo slammed LIV Golf before he hosts the British Masters. The former analyst has now predicted the breakaway tour will not continue to exist after the merger goes through.

“Nobody’s really interested,” 6x Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo BOLDLY predicts the end of LIV Golf after shock merger

Sir Nick Faldo (Pic Credit: Golf News)

Unless you have been leaving under a rock, the news regarding the shock merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf must have reached you. This sudden development between the two golfing tours shook the world. As the two tours along with the DP World tour, try to move forward, the future of LIV Golf has become uncertain. Sir Nick Faldo, a former six-time major champion has predicted the time has come for the LIV league.


The Saudi-backed tour was founded in 2021. Ever since it came into existence, the tour had received negative comments and remarks against it. Recently the PGA Tour forwarded a six-page legal framework of the agreement regarding the merger. In those documents, it was mentioned that the future of LIV Golf will be decided by the entity board members.

Faldo, a retired CBS Golf analyst has not been shy of taking a dig at the Saudi-funded tour. As he prepared to host the British Masters this week, the Englishmen was asked a barge of questions in his conference. He claims that the LIV will not exist as the agreement finally comes to fruition.

I don’t think so, because nobody’s really interested in it,” he said. He later went on to slam the league’s phrase of play. “They call it a team [event] and it’s not, because it’s a stroke play.” He also added that the LIV players should be banned from Ryder Cup as a means of punishment for jumping ships and sailing with the breakaway tour.


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Will LIV Golf be actually axed by the PGA Tour following merger with PIF?

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Phil Mickelson of LIV Golf (Pic Credit: Sky Sports)

As the dust continues to settle on this shocking announcement, the future of LIV Golf has come under the radar. As per the framework agreement released online, the new entity board will decide the future of LIV Golf. Though unlikely to happen, the chances of this happening cannot be ruled out at any cost.

First of all the tour is backed by the Pubic Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. With the PIF agreeing to work with PGA, it will invest some money in it. This might lead to limited funds for LIV Golf. The second thing interesting has been the chance to re-apply for memberships. Golfers who joined the league by leaving their tour will have a chance to reappear at their former tours.

However, this scenario is most unlikely to happen. The LIV Golf is readying itself for its eighth event of the season. On Thursday, this breakaway league will fly across to south of Spain to host the LIV Valderrama. Veteran Phil Mickelson is confident over the future as he got prepared for the upcoming event.


He claimed that everything that they were told by their CEO Greg Norman, has come to fruition. “We have a lot of confidence in what they have been saying to us because everything has been has been happening,” he said. The lefty concluded his statement by saying that out there for positive changes are set to occur.

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