“Couldn’t handle it mentally,” Paige Spiranac REVEALS how golf career nearly ‘destroyed me’ despite ranking as Top 20 junior golf players in world

Paige Spiranac talks about how she was forced to end her professional golf career to prioritize her mental health above success.

“Couldn’t handle it mentally,” Paige Spiranac REVEALS how golf career nearly ‘destroyed me’ despite ranking as Top 20 junior golf players in world

Paige Spiranac [Image Credit: NY Post]

$3 million worth Paige Spiranac talks about why she switched from her professional golf career to a social media influencer. She states that she was forced to change her career after getting mentally broken down due to pressure. 

Spiranac reveals how much the on-field pressure “destroyed me”, as she thought the world of competitive golf “It’s not, not for me”. During her latest Instagram live Q+A, she answered various fan questions, one of which was “reason you did not like playing on tour”.

Paige Spiranac was not shy in sharing that it was “mentally and physically exhausting”. “I couldn’t handle it mentally” and it further broke her down. She retired from the professional field in 2016 and focused on her modeling career. She modeled for popular magazines like SI Swimsuit, and Maxim. She was also deemed as the “World’s Most Sexiest Woman”.

Paige Spiranac reveals how her kneecap injury ended her dream of gymnastics

During Paige Spiranac’s amateur golf career, she won a professional event and focused solely on Cactus Tour. The social media star turned professional in 2015 and ended a career after a year of success. Within that time, she won five events and even got listed among the Top 20 junior golf players in the world.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac (Pic Credit: Imago)

Although Spiranac’s golf career was short-lived, she was happy choosing modeling and her role as a social media content creator as the better option. Spiaranc labeled her golf journey as a “torment” she went through. She accepted that she had to undergo numerous mental health therapies as it “absolutely destroyed me”.

Prior to switching her career to golf, she was pretty excited to be a gymnast. Unfortunately, two kneecap injuries restrained her career as a gymnast. Currently, as a social media influencer, she boasts 3+ million followers who love her. Spiaranc stated that she’s happy with her life right now and strives to make it better.

Recently on her Instagram account, she posted a trio of pictures of donning the Barbie “pink” outfit with her latest pink golf gear.  Her seductive outfit garnered numerous comments from fans who loved her appearance. Following the release of the blockbuster movie Barbie, she introduced her pink golf gear to her followers. 

Her skimpy pink dress caught the internet on fire as fans celebrated the new debut. Spiranac captioned her post as “Golf Barbie”. While there are fans who love her “sexy” content, there have been several backlashes to it. Spiranac pointed out such comments several times on social media and stood strong amidst harsh criticisms from some people.

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