Patrick Reed’s $750 million defamation case against Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch and other golf personalities DISMISSED by federal court

A federal US Judge has now dismissed the lawsuit filed by Patrick Reed against Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch and other golf media personalities and outlets.

Patrick Reed’s $750 million defamation case against Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch and other golf personalities DISMISSED by federal court

Brandel Chamblee, Patrick Reed and Eamon Lynch (L-C-R) [Pic Credit: Golf Channel/Imago/X]

While most of the focus at the moment is on the Ryder Cup, one development away from the greens has also grabbed the attention. LIV Golfer Patrick Reed‘s $750 million defamation case has been dismissed by a federal judge.

Reed had filed a lawsuit against the likes of Brandel Chamblee, Eamon Lynch, and other golf media personalities. The American filed this case after he felt he was constantly berated by these journalists. The other names included in this lawsuit were Damon Hack and Shane Bacon. He would also take aim at media outlets including Golfweek, Golf Channel, and Conde East.


Chamblee has been vocal regarding golf. He has taken huge digs at the LIV Golf and slammed various stars including Phil Mickelson. He and Lynch both were at a war of words with Mickelson before the PGA-LIV merger was announced. This battle with Reed though goes back till January 2020, a time when Reed was accused of cheating.

The now-LIV star was found altering his shot line at the 2019 Hero Cup challenge, an unofficial tournament. While Reed was criticized and fined for his actions, Chamblee was not fond of this action by him. “To defend what Patrick Reed is defending cheating,” the golf analyst said on Golf Channel. Reed’s lawyer would later send a letter to Chamblee claiming his broadcasts were incredibly damaging and caused him emotional, reputational, and pecuniary harm.

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What did the court say while dismissing Patrick Reed’s case?

It has been a mixed season for Patrick Reed at the course this year. He has struggled during the LIV Golf events and missed out on the 2023 Ryder Cup Qualification. Recently, he was heavily thrashed by users on social media when he made a promotional post regarding the breakaway tour. He received a major blow when a judge dismissed his case of defamation.

Patrick Reed
Patrick Reed (Pic Credit: PGA Tour)

While Reed may be frustrated at the negative media coverage he receives (some of which seems over the top), under Florida law and the First Amendment, Reed fails to bring actionable defamation claims and his cases therefore must be dismissed,” Judge Timothy Corrigan said in a 78-page document. The court also claimed that most of the statements were regarding LIV Golf and not Reed and he does not meet the “required pleading of actual malice“.

Since this ruling by Judge Corrigan, Reed has not made any statement. What will his next approach be is something that is to look forward to. It is though likely that he will not refile a case after this was dismissed.


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