Legendary golfers Tiger Woods vs Jack Nicklaus compare Major titles – Who is the ultimate GOAT?

Next year's Masters' title is in sight for Woods; look at two of Golf's greatest with Nicklaus currently edging Tiger with the slightest of margins.

Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus
Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are legends of the game, there’s no doubting that. It’s needless to say that PGA Tour definitely etched its way to new heights off the backs of these two extraordinary players. Tiger Woods surely would be every golf fan’s favorite. Nicklaus would also not be far behind.

These two gentlemen have worked hard and helped in the evolution of golf. Nicklaus, at present, leads in Masters wins with 18 to his name. Woods is at present working on his game and fitness to compete in the 2022 Masters.

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Does Tiger Woods have what it takes to surpass John Nicklaus

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Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods, with 15 Major titles to his name, will be looking to catch up with Jack Nicklaus, starting with the 2022 Masters. Although, Woods seems confident, winning the Major would not be easy with so many world-class players now in the PGA Tour.

Tiger has been experiencing setbacks in his journey due to repetitive injuries. It will definitely impact his game in a certain way. He might not be a favorite right away, but his experience counts. Woods would like to bring it into play with maximum effect.

In terms of their Masters’ win, Woods is lagging behind Nicklaus but there’s a certain catch. Woods has participated in fewer majors, 86 less to be precise.

Thus an exact comparison between the two in order to reach a conclusion of – ‘Who’s the best?’ can’t be done. One thing is certain though, that both these legends have taken golf to exciting heights and revolutionizing the game in their own way.

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