“Hitting the Auction block”- Tiger Woods 2010 Masters’ memorabilia up for AUCTION, Bids in Millions expected

Currently, The Red T-Shirt has a $40,701.00 bid.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is highly regarded and is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. The World Golf Hall of Fame athlete wore a Sunday Red Nike T-Shirt in the final round of 2010 Masters and with the huge spike in sports memorabilia auctions “Golden Age Auctions” decided to auction the Red Nike T-Shirt.

The Red T-Shirt that Tiger Woods wore is considered historic as he made a come-back after his s*x scandal in golf. To put the cherry on top, the T-Shirt is even signed by Tiger Woods.

“Game-worn sports memorabilia, especially items photo-matched to a memorable moment or historic event, are setting records all around the world this year,” says Ryan Carey of Golden Age Auctions. “A Michael Jordan jersey recently sold for $10.1 million at Sotheby’s, and a Diego Maradona soccer jersey recently sold for $9.3 million.”

The auction house , Golden Age Auctions, tweeted a picture of Tiger Woods in the Red T-Shirt, “Get this. In the first 4 hours of our 2+ week auction, we received over 1,000 bids. ONE THOUSAND. Why is golf collecting perhaps the most underappreciated segment in the hobby? A ton of people are passionate about golf.”

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Will Tiger Woods’ Red T-Shirt be able to break Mickey Mantle memorabilia record?

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

The interest in sports memorabilia has indeed risen, the people are ready to pay millions in order to own what their sporting idols used to own or are featured in. At present, the top 3 most expensive auction pieces are Mickey Mantle baseball card ($12.6m), Michael Jordan jersey ($10.091m) and Diego Maradona 1986 Hand of God shirt ($9.3m).

Tiger Woods T-Shirt is expected to get huge dollars in.

“We believe this is the only Sunday red from a Masters Tournament that has been auctioned, and the others might not surface… Normally that (Woods’ signature) would help the price a tiny bit, but I think it helps even more with this one.

Ryan Carey added, “It has a massive inscription that says ‘2010 Masters Final Round,’ and Tiger doesn’t autograph stuff like that very often. It’s a huge autograph, too. This one is special that he did that.”

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