Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams recalls 2000 U.S. Open incident where GOAT won event with 1 ball

Recalling Tiger Woods' mishap during his dominant 2000 U.S. Open win at Pebble Beach.

Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams recalls 2000 U.S. Open incident where GOAT won event with 1 ball

Tiger Woods ( Image via Golf Digest )

The U.S. Open has always been one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, with some of the best golfers competing for the championship title. Tiger Woods has left an indelible mark in the history of the U.S. Open. His name is synonymous with the 2000 Pebble Beach performance, which was nothing short of spectacular.


Woods had a 15-stroke lead over his competitors, creating the largest margin of victory in Major Championship history. However, what remains a lesser-known fact is that he came perilously close to running out of golf balls during that tournament, which could have ended his historic run.

As we look forward to this year’s U.S. Open, we can’t help but reminisce about Woods’ unforgettable performance in 2000. During the 2000 Pebble Beach tournament, Tiger Woods achieved numerous remarkable feats, such as achieving zero three-putts, zero bogeys in the final round, and becoming the first player to finish double digits under par in a U.S. Open.

Although some of these records have been broken, his complete dominance during the competition remains unmatched. However, Woods almost lost the tournament early on Saturday morning due to a shortage of golf balls.


In an interview with Golf Digest, he revealed that he had unwittingly given away too many golf balls, leaving him with only two balls for the last six holes of his third round. Losing the last ball would have resulted in a penalty or disqualification. However, Woods managed to save a bogey on the 18th hole and preserve his victory.

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Tiger Woods almost ran out of golf balls

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods ( Image via Golf )

Tiger Woods’ near miss with running out of golf balls is an extraordinary story that adds to the legend of his 2000 Pebble Beach romp. According to Woods, he only had seven golf balls left by Saturday morning, having given away several to kids the previous day.

According to Golf Digest Tiger Woods said“I probably scuffed up a couple and gave them to kids,”. He further added, “I left the three balls on the carpet; now I’ve only got four balls when I get to the course.”


The ball count was known to his caddy, Steve Williams, who encouraged Woods to play more cautiously. While using an iron would have been safer, Woods’ swing was so strong that he chose to utilise the driver instead.

“Stevie said, ‘I’d like for you to hit an iron, just to get it into play,'” Woods said. “But I was swinging it so well, so I went with the driver. Obviously, I didn’t know the complete situation: The only ball I had left was the one I teed up.”

Woods’ story of almost running out of golf balls is a testament to his focus and determination during the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Despite the potential DQ, he managed to save the situation and went on to win the tournament in a dominant fashion. We can only imagine the amount of planning that guys like Woods will do in advance of the U.S. Open this year to make sure they have enough golf balls to prevent such an incident.

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