GTA 5 All endings explained

GTA 5 has a rich storyline with 3 different protagonists who drive the plot. This story features 3 different endings that can be selected by the player. This article covers these different endings, their events and the impact each ending has on the plot.

GTA 5 All endings explained
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GTA 5 is often praised for its rich storyline, plot and characters. The story involves the stories of 3 different protagonists and their criminal antics together. It is also one of the very first games to have multiple storyline endings. Different endings feature different missions and plotlines. This article covers the different endings of GTA 5.

GTA 5 All endings explained
GTA 5 All endings explained 6

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GTA 5 All endings explained:

GTA 5 All endings explained
GTA 5 All endings explained 7

After the Union Depository Heist, 2 people approach Franklin in his mansion. One of them is Steve Haines who orders Franklin to kill Trevor due to his behaviour. He goes on to explain that Trevor’s temper does not prove good for the FIB and then leaves. Devin Weston visits Franklin soon after and orders him to kill Michael because of his interference in Michael’s business. After this, the player controls Franklin and is presented with three options:

1. Kill Trevor:

GTA 5 All endings explained
GTA 5 All endings explained 8

This option starts up the ‘Something Sensible’ mission. Franklin meets with Trevor to talk about their problems and the situation they were in. Trevor starts to rant about how Michael had betrayed him. At this moment, Franklin pulls a gun on Trevor and threatens to kill him. Trevor escapes in an oil tanker and Franklin must attempt to chase him down. Halfway through the chase, Michael calls Franklin and explains how he is going to help him. Michael suddenly appears driving a car and rams onto the oil tanker. Trevor is forced out and the oil from the tank leaks around him. Franklin fires a bullet at it, setting Trevor on fire and killing him. After this, the player can only play as Michael and Franklin and Trevor’s heist from the cut is split between Michael and Franklin.

2. Kill Michael:

GTA 5 All endings explained
GTA 5 All endings explained 9

This option starts the ‘Time’s Come’ mission. Franklin meets up with Michael to discuss their situation, but Micahel suspects that Franklin has come to kill him and tries to escape in his car. Franklin follows him to the top of a generator tower at Palmer-Taylor Power Station. After a struggle on the top of the tower, Franklin finally overpowers Michael and pushes him off the edge of the tower. Before Michael falls down, however, Franklin catches hold of Michael’s hand. Here, the player is presented with 2 further options. He can either let go of Michael’s hand and let Michael fall down and die. Alternatively, he can help Michael get back up by catching and pulling him up. This option too eventually leads to Michael’s death as after being pulled up, Michael headbutts Franklin, loses his balance and falls to death. After this, the player can only play as Franklin and Trevor and Michael’s heist cut goes to Michael’s Family

3. Deathwish:

GTA 5 All endings explained
GTA 5 All endings explained 10

This is the third option that appears to the players. This option involves all the three protagonists working together to eliminate all their enemies. The mission ‘The Third Way’ starts when this option is chosen. The protagonists go on to eliminate the Chengs, Devin Weston, Merryweather, Strech and Steve Haines. After this, the protagonists ponder about their criminal lives and continue on their own way. Lester sends the Union Depository cut to their bank accounts and the player can continue to play as any protagonist.

These are the different options available to the players after the Union Depository heist. Most players usually tend to choose the Deathwish option as it is the most favourable.

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