Gunther breaks silence after hopes of dream match against 30-year-old star got crushed following WWE Raw

Gunther gave a nod to his dream match with Ilja Dragunov after the latter's loss this Monday.

Gunther breaks silence after hopes of dream match against 30-year-old star got crushed following WWE Raw

Gunther (Via WWE)

Gunther is all set to face Jey Uso next week in the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament. After this week’s qualifier, he had quite a staredown with a dejected Ilja Dragunov this week on Raw. For once, fans wondered if WWE was planning a match between the Unbesiegbar and the Ring General next week. However, all those ideas were washed away when Uso picked up a victory.


The former Intercontinental Champion took to X to give a nod to these aspirations for the dream match. He posted a picture from the staredown this week with an intriguing message for Ilja Dragunov and the fans. Gunther settled their face off for now for the later future and told everyone that his focus right now was becoming King of the Ring.

Another time.
Gunther on X

It was a subtle hint towards WWE not booking the match at such an early stage. The Ring General and the Invincible have a rich history. Therefore, they deserve to get a big stage rather than a random episode of Raw. However, despite any stakes or long-term vision, fans were disappointed after Jey Uso defeated the former NXT Champion cleanly.

Dragunov has a bright future in WWE, as dubbed by a number of veterans. He has massive backing from the WWE Universe all over the world. With such a high reputation, it is a matter of concern where his future lies in the weeks ahead. As for Gunther, he has his eyes set on the crown of the King. Therefore, he must be looking forward to making a trip to Saudi Arabia if he beats Uso next week.


Ilja Dragunov breaks his silence after losing to Jey Uso on Raw

Ilja Dragunov fought with the heart of a warrior this week on Raw. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Mad Dragon, as it disappointed many of his fans. However, the former NXT Champion looked pretty positive after the match, as he willingly gave an interview backstage following Raw.

Ilja Dragunov
Ilja Dragunov (via WWE)

In a video posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, Dragunov said that it is frustrating to lose at such a point. However, it is no shame to lose against the likes of Jey Uso. The Mad Dragon stated that he was tired and that his body was in pain. But he looks forward to his future, even after suffering such a defeat.

All I know now is I’m tired, I’m in pain but the beauty of it is that I’m already very dangerous in this ring, but, when I’m in pain, I’m an entire monster.
Ilja Dragunov on WWE

Moreover, the Unbesiegbar said that it excites him to see the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament. When asked for a pick, Dragunov said that it’s difficult as both men are warriors. Although he stepped back from making any predictions about the match next week, he predicted that his career is going to skyrocket from here on out.

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