Gunther reflects on his shocking loss against Sami Zayn at WWE WrestleMania 40

Gunther finally reacts to his loss at WrestleMania which ended his iconic title reign.

Gunther reflects on his shocking loss against Sami Zayn at WWE WrestleMania 40

Gunther and Sami Zayn [via- WWE]

WrestleMania XL was full of surprises. The show was one of the biggest PLEs of all time and had some heavy hitters throughout the course of two nights. One such unexpected moment was when Sami Zayn shocked the world by dethroning Gunther as the Intercontinental Champion. It was a surprise and one of the biggest upsets in WWE history. Now, the Ring General has finally broken the silence for the first time after losing.

The former Intercontinental Champion posted a picture from his match. He wrote an interesting caption, giving off a positive message. Gunther implicitly meant that his iconic reign had an iconic ending at the most iconic stage. However, the path for himself is high and beyond from here on. It was an optimistic message from the Ring General to finally address his loss.

The higher you climb, the harder you fall - Sky is the limit!
Gunther on Instagram

The empire of the Ring General crumbled when the Underdog from the Underground declared war against him. It was a straight-up classic match between the two. Gunther dominated throughout the match. However, Sami Zayn went for the home run with a ‘brain buster’ on top rope. It was the exact picture shared by the former himself.

It is going to be interesting to see how things will go for the Ring General from here on out. Fans are excited to see his path after losing the Intercontinental Championship. The 666-day legendary reign has certainly established him as the top star in the company. With the Bash in Berlin looming ahead, Gunther certainly has a lot to accomplish in WWE.

What’s next for Gunther after losing at WrestleMania?

Gunther’s loss at WrestleMania was a huge turn of events in WWE. The reign that changed the trajectory of WWE met an end at the Grandest Stage of Them All. It was a shocking sight to see, as no one expected that coming. Now, fans wonder what the next move will be for the Ring General after losing at WrestleMania.

Gunther (via @Gunther_AUT/X)

The former Intercontinental Champion has long rooted for a main event push. He has been a contender for the main event World Title run for a long time. He might move towards the World Heavyweight Championship upon his return and finally become the main event contender.

Besides, with the Bash in Berlin being in the home country of Gunther, he is likely going to have a tough showing at the show. Therefore, after SummerSlam, the Ring General might embark on a new quest to achieve glory in WWE. He might face stars like Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, and even Cody Rhodes in his new journey in the company.

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