“Meniscal lesion is a fairly simple procedure,” Former French tennis ace emphasizes rehabilitation for Novak Djokovic to return in time for the Paris Olympics

Djokovic will undergo surgery on his right knee soon.

“Meniscal lesion is a fairly simple procedure,” Former French tennis ace emphasizes rehabilitation for Novak Djokovic to return in time for the Paris Olympics

Novak Djokovic and Guy Forget (Via Imago)

Novak Djokovic recently suffered a nasty fall in his fourth-round match against Francisco Cerundolo at the French Open. He struggled and fought throughout the match to win it in the end. However, his misery didn’t end there, as he had to take an MRI scan to check the damage done to his right knee.

Turns out that he had injured his right meniscus and soon withdrew from the ongoing Grand Slam. The depth of the injury is still unknown, but Djokovic has opted for surgery and is doubtful to be ready before the Paris Olympics. All year, the Serbian was preparing for only one tournament, the Olympics.

Amidst this, former French tennis ace Guy Forget advises that Djokovic must focus more on rehabilitation and hope that his knee reacts fine to ensure a timely return. He also said that the knee might be swollen, which takes more time to recover and it might take around 6-8 weeks to fully recover.

It’s true that an arthroscopy on a meniscal lesion is a fairly simple procedure. Afterwards, what we don't know is the time it will take for the player to recover and regain full strength. In certain players, we have seen it in certain skiers. Sometimes, after four weeks, they are able to ski again. In other players, the knee swells and it can take six, eight, ten weeks sometimes. So the rehabilitation will be very important and I hope that he will be careful in his recovery to try to return to Roland‐Garros and win this Olympic medal.
Guy Forget said via Amazon Prime Video

With Wimbledon only a month away, Djokovic’s participation is a huge doubt and his fans would be disappointed to not see the Serbian back in action on the grass court. Nonetheless, the French Open continues as it heads to the semi-final matches.

Novak Djokovic loses his streak as World No.1 after unfortunate exit at the French Open

Novak Djokovic was recently forced to withdraw from the ongoing French Open tournament, meaning that he not only lost his title but also his position as World No.1. The Serbian was running a historic streak of 428 weeks at the top and had only a handful of point to defend this tournament.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (via Imago)

However, after he pulled out of the tournament, Jannik Sinner automatically moved up a rank and replaced him as World No.1. This ended his historic run and a chance to win a 25th Grand Slam. Nevertheless, the tournament goes on and Sinner finds himself with a great chance to win the title.

He will take on Carlos Alcaraz in the semis. This is another one of the much-awaited matches that all the tennis fans are looking forward to watching. On the other side, Casper Ruud takes on Alexander Zverev for a place in the finals.

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