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How to finish Christopher Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC for Rulebreakers!

The Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC Rulebreakers missions are mentioned below which will provide the Christopher Nkuku Rulebreakers card!

Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC (image via. ultimatefifa.pl)

The Rulebreakers in FIFA 22 has revealed its first team and more will be soon to follow. Here is how to finish the Christopher Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC for the Rulebreakers event with complete cost and methods.

EA Sports had earlier released FIFA 22 with great success and as Halloween approaches new events come back. The staple Halloween event is the Rulebreakers where various player cards get massive buffs during the day and have greatly increased abilities as well. These boosts are only applied to one or two attributes that will drastically improve their performance.

Christopher Nkuku has also received a promo SBC card but surprisingly it has two versions, among which the players can choose.

Christopher Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC Rulebreakers

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers

The Christopher Nkuku FIFA 22 features two versions each specialising in separate things.

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Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC Passing (image via. fifaulimateteam.it)

The first version has the Passing attribute maxed out and with a score of 93 in that.

Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC Shooting (image via. fifaultimateteam.it)

The second version has a better stats in Shooting, with a 85.

Upon finishing the Christopher Nkuku SBC the players will get the following:

  • 1 Small Rare Gold Player pack
  • 1 Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Anyone of the Christopher Nkuku FIFA 22 SBC Rulebreaker cards


The total estimated cost for unlocking this will be around:

  • 159000 FUT Coins in PlayStation and Xbox
  • 180000 PC

How to complete the Nkuku SBC FIFA 22?

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Players need to complete two SBCs in order to get the two versions of the Nkuku Rulebreaker cards in FIFA 22. These are:

  • France: Squad rating of 87/ Minimum chemistry of 55/ atleast one player from France
  • Bundesliga: Squad rating of 85/ minimum team chemistry of 60/ atleast one player from Bundesliga

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