Top 5 Minecraft seeds of the 1.19 Wilds Update

Top 5 Minecraft seeds of the 1.19 Wilds Update

Minecraft comes up with its new update 1.19. (Credits:

Minecraft seeds are a very interesting concept, which are codes to generate new worlds. Each world has its own unique code which can be copied, shared and used to enter that particular world. The new 1.19 update of the game, brings with it new seeds and beautiful new biomes and worlds to play in.

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Minecraft adds Mangrove trees in the new update. Credits:

Best Minecraft seeds players should try in ‘Wilds’ update

  1. Mangrove swamp seed

Although in the past, swamps haven’t been a very interesting biome to explore, with Minecraft’s new ‘Wilds’ update, it has developed into something way more interesting. You have winding rivers to float on, with lily pads and cute little frogs to catch. Stray a bit farther and you might even see a witch!

Seed: 4025804172371830787

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Seed mentioned at 1:11 Credits: Youtube
  1. Lush Caves with ancient city seed

Tired of the sunlight but still want the greenery? Drop down into this lush cave biome which is, well drop dead gorgeous. Wander around the cave and look for mineshafts to get resources, and for a scenic view and experience, don’t forget to visit the ancient city which you will find walking a bit more further.

Seed: -156227665

Ancient cities lurk under the ground, waiting to be explored. Credits: reddit
  1. Deep dark and Ancient cities seed

The biggest update after the Mangrove swamp, is the deep dark biome. If you want to explore the mysterious underground along withmore ancient cities, this seed is the one for you. This seed will take you to the edge of this biome, where you can begin your expedition to loot these cities and collect resources from the numerous chests strewn across the biome.


Seed: -2909343002793827664

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One of the most challenging biomes in the game. Credits:
  1. Treeless Desert seed

If you’re bored and too much of a pro for the usual worlds, why not take on something a little more challenging ? This seed is of a sprawling desert without any trees in sight. With one desert village present in the distance, will you be able to survive this world ?


Seed:  -8631174543717435159

Best of both worlds. Credits: Mojang Studios
  1. Desert Village and Mangrove Swamp

This is also a challenging world, but with a bit of a safety net. You will spawn in the middle of a desert, but if the plains get too overwhelming, you can just follow the river to the desert village, and cross it to reach a mangrove swamp. If you are a builder, you’ll definitely enjoy the variety of materials offered in this two-tone seed.

Seed: 348722287802000751


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