“I came for a fight, not the scale” says Mike Perry, in response to his failed weight cut

Mike Perry pulls a Mike Perry by responding to his botched weight cut by making the comment "I came for a fight, not the scale".

Mike Perry

“Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry” is scheduled to fight “Tim Means” at UFC 255. During the official way ins, Perry missed weight by a whopping 4.5 pounds! With that said, it was not entirely unexpected. Before the weigh-ins, Perry made many comments on social media that hinted that he would, most likely, have some issues making the 171-pound-weight limit.

Perry, a day or two earlier to the weigh-ins, said he had “20 pounds to go” and that he was “dying” trying weight just a few hours before the official weigh-ins. Perry who now has to give up 30% of his purse to Tim, had this to say regarding the situation.

Don’t know, I just made the mistakes too late: Perry

Mike Perry’s Instagram Post

Mike posted a picture of himself and Tim facing off on Instagram with the caption “Got em right where I want em. Dirty bird is game. I came for a fight not the scale,” Mike Perry being Mike Perry.

Mike gave the following explanation regarding his inability to make weight when in conversation with Helen Yee Sports “I don’t know, I just made the mistakes too late. I didn’t get dehydrated early enough, I thought I could just dehydrate late. Some people do it that way, I’ve always heard, some people cut the 15 (pounds) in one night. I tried to get 15 (pounds) off yesterday and all night,” Perry said.

“When I was tweeting I just finished some exercise and couldn’t get no sweat going. I tried all the way up until 10:20 this morning. 2 a.m., 6 a.m., and 9 a.m., I kept trying and trying and only lost a pound or two in that time. So, it was just a broken record at that point. I was ready to rehydrate and I figured Tim Means would be grateful to get 30 percent and show up and fight.”

Coming off a decision win against  “Mickey Gall“, previous to which Mike had lost 2 bouts back to back. Even if he emerges victorious, there is going to be debate regarding whether or not the extra pounds played a factor. However, it is not going to be so easy against a veteran like Means.

Also, for all you interested, unfortunately, Perry will not have Darren Till in his corner. Mike’s girlfriend will continue to be there, providing him with moral support.

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