“I feel at peace now, so it’s definitely helped” – Ortega on his hiatus from the UFC

"Living in the fast lane has its great things, it’s a bit lonely but you hear it all the time" - Brian said, about his lifestyle.

Brian Ortega at a press conference

Brian “T-City” Ortega is making his much anticipated comeback to the UFC after a long gap of almost two years. He faces “The Korean Zombie”, Chan Sung Jung this weekend at UFC Fight Island 6. Ortega, who has been suffering from injuries like a partially torn ACL, knee injury will be eager to step into the octagon. He last fought Max Holloway and it resulted in his first and only loss in the UFC.

The 14-1 Ortega, almost made a comeback in 2019, December when he was scheduled to fight Chan Sung Jung. The fight unfortunately was canceled as Ortega once again pulled out due to an injury. And, earlier this year in March, things got ugly between Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung, as Brian slapped Chan Sung Jung’s translator Jay Park. Although, Brian apologized; this incident has definitely fanned the flames, leading up to their match.

 “It’s lonely at the top” – Brian Ortega

Speaking to MMA fighting, Brian said how the long hiatus has helped him focus on important aspects of life. He was quoted as saying,” I feel at peace now, so it’s definitely helped. All this has definitely helped. Before I felt like I was living life in the fast lane. Especially because my agent he works double-time. It’s not like fighters where you fight and then you’re good. He’s like, ‘No, champ, check this out. After you fight, you’re allowed to have a one-week break. If you’re not broken, I’ve already set you up to fly to Chicago, I’ve set you up to fly to New York.’ I have this, I have that.”

He went on saying,” Obviously, when you’re making money, you’re making moves, it feels good. Living in the fast lane has its great things, it’s a bit lonely but you hear it all the time. It’s lonely at the top. So for me I was like, ‘F*ck it, it’s lonely. Hotels are my new home.’ It’s why airplanes and hotels are what I call home. But when it all stops and you have that heartbreak and then you finally see how great it is also on the other side and life is a bit slower, you learn—at least I learned—to appreciate things more.”

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