IPL 2020: Sunil Narine working hard on his bowling action

Sunil Narine working hard to regain his position in the starting XI.

Sunil Narine

Kolkata Knight Riders spinner Sunil Narine has been suspected for his bowling action ever since their match against the Kings XI Punjab. The West Indian bowler has now once again turned to Englishman Carl Crowe to rework his bowling for the rest of the IPL season.

Narine is highly dependent of Crowe as he is the only resort to the spinner since he cannot visit the  ICC and BCCI accredited Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy and Sports Sciences Centre (SRASSC) in Chennai to get a biomechanical analysis of his bowling action as he will have to quarantine and will likely miss the rest of the tournament. According to sources, Narine is now sweating out hard in the nets alongside Crowe so that he can return to the playing XI at the earliest.

Crowe was Narine’s go-to man in 2014 when he faced a similar issue with his bowling action. Now with Crowe being the spin bowling coach of the Kolkata franchise, Narine has been spending analyzing angles along with data analysts to help find a solution at the earliest.

Statements issued regarding the incident

Sunil Narine(left) and Carl Crowe(right)

In a statement released by the IPL  “The report was made by the on-field umpires according to the IPL’s Suspected Illegal Bowling Action Policy. Narine will be placed on the warning list and is permitted to continue to bowl in the tournament. Another report will result in Narine being suspended from bowling in the IPL 2020 until cleared by the BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee.”

Further the Kolkata Knight Riders also issued their own statement regarding the incident which stated “This came as a surprise to the franchise and Narine, considering he has played over 115 games in the IPL since 2012 and as many as 68 games since 2015, when he was last reported during the IPL season for a suspect action before being subsequently cleared completely by SRASSC, an ICC accredited facility.”

Furthermore, he was playing his 6th game this season, with no concerns expressed formally or informally by the match officials so far. Having said this, we are respectful of the process that the IPL has put in place to have his action reviewed, and are working closely with the IPL in this matter. We are hopeful that there would be an appropriate resolution quickly. We appreciate the cooperation being extended by the IPL in expediting this matter,” it added.

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