IPL 2020: Suresh Raina terms N Srinivasan’s comments about him as a “father scolding his son”

Suresh Raina hints at a comeback at Chennai Super Kings camp for IPL 2020.


The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) vice-captain Suresh Raina has finally spoken on the comments of the team owner N. Srinivasan on him. The latter gave some controversial statements on the CSK player after Raina decided to leave for home from the team camp in the United Arab Emirates. Citing ‘personal reasons’, Raina flew to India and is currently staying with his family. 

Following this incident, Srinivasan used phrases like ‘prima donna’ and ‘success gets into their head’ while talking about the left-hander. However, in a later statement, he cleared that his statements were taken completely out of context. The CSK boss further added that the team will always stand by Suresh Raina during the tough times.

Raina’s take on this issue

Suresh Raina feels N Srinivasan is like ‘father-figure’ to him

In a recent interview with Cricbuzz, Suresh Raina broke his silence for the first time on this entire matter. He said that he respects Srinivasan a lot and he is like a father figure to him. Raina mentioned that he did not take the comments to his heart, and it can be seen as a “father scolding his son”.

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“He is like a father figure to me and he’s always stood by me and is close to my heart. He treats me like his younger son and am sure a lot of what he said was taken out of context. Ek baap apne bacche ko daant sakta hai (A father can scold his son). He didn’t know the real reasons for me leaving when he gave those comments. Now he’s been informed about them, and he even sent me a message thereafter. We’ve chatted about it, and both CSK and I just want to get over with it.”

Raina’s future with CSK

Raina shared a practice post while quaranting in UAE

During the interview, Raina revealed that CSK is like an extended family to him, and everything is alright in the team camp. Raina aims to play for another 4-5 years for them. The CSK batsman also said that he continued training during his quarantine period at home too, hinting a return in the CSK squad.

“It was a personal decision, and I had to come back for my family. There was something that needed to be addressed immediately on the home front. CSK is my family too, and Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) is very important to me. It was a tough decision, and there is no issue between CSK and me. Nobody will just turn their back on Rs 12.5 crore and walk away without a solid reason. I might have retired from international cricket but am still young and looking forward to playing for them in the IPL for the next 4-5 years.

“I’ve been training even while quarantining here. Never know you might see me in the camp there again,” revealed Raina.

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