Jacoby Brissett claims Jerod Mayo ’empowers’ players on the team as Patriots look to rebuild after Bill Belichick’s exit

Bill Belichick left the Patriots after 24 seasons.

Jacoby Brissett claims Jerod Mayo ’empowers’ players on the team as Patriots look to rebuild after Bill Belichick’s exit

Jacoby Brissett and Jerod Mayo (Via Imago/NBC News)

When Bill Belichick parted ways with the New England Patriots, it truly felt like the end of an era and so it was. But it appears the players are rather happy for it to end and begin the new chapter with head coach Jerod Mayo. Just like how Jacoby Brissett opened up about the franchise’s rejuvenating era under Mayo. 

Brissett’s journey in the NFL begins with the Patriots, under head coach Belichick. And now as he found his way back to the team in 2024, he sees the clear difference in the coaching style of Mayo and Belichick. While talking about it, the quarterback revealed that Mayo encourages the players to take ownership of the team and run it by themselves as they deem fit. 

He brings a lot of good energy. The cool thing is you can tell he’s trying to make the players on the team run the team. Obviously, he’s the head coach and he sets the standard, but he definitely puts a lot of responsibility on us players. I like it.
said Jacoby Brissett in a conversation with ESPN’s Mike Reiss

Brissett’s appreciation for Mayo’s coaching approach holds value as he is the seventh coach under whom the quarterback is playing. On the other hand, head coach Mayo, as well, has faith in the veteran quarterback to rebuild the player-led team he ought. 

Jacoby Brissett embraces mentor role for Patriots’ newcomer Drake Maye

While talking to Reiss, the 38-year-old QB also revealed how he has taken up the role to be a mentor to newly drafted Drake Maye, whose NFL journey is set to begin with the Patriots lead quarterback. Brissett has signed a one-year deal with the Patriots, where HC Mayo sees him as the ideal guide for young talents. 

Drake Maye
Drake Maye (via IMAGO)
When I was here the first time, you realize everybody's your mentor that's older than you in this league or has more experience, and I hope I'm that for more than just Drake. I'm a teammate first. I can be a good teammate to not only [Maye] but to everybody on this team. 
said Jacoby Brissett

When he initially joined the Patriots, he was highly overshadowed by Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. However, now that he has entered he does not wish to take over but to help Maye adjust to the league as big as the NFL. 

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