“Stolen from me!” Jared Cannonier breaks silence on ‘gut wrenching’ stoppage against Nassourdine Imavov

Jared Cannonier laments controversial early stoppage at UFC Louisville.

“Stolen from me!” Jared Cannonier breaks silence on ‘gut wrenching’ stoppage against Nassourdine Imavov

Jared Cannonier upset with stoppage loss (via Imago)

Few things cut deeper than a controversial stoppage in combat sports. It’s a gut punch that leaves fighters, fans, and even casual observers feeling disappointed. UFC Louisville saw Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier find himself on the receiving end of one such blow after his fight with Nassourdine Imavov.

Jared Cannonier was left to pick up the pieces as the dust settled on his bout against Nassourdine Imavov. He revealed that this loss was gut-wrenching for him. This decision left Cannonier equal parts bewildered and heartbroken.

It’s gut-wrenching, to say the least. The opportunity to do great things was pretty much stolen from me in that moment…It doesn’t feel like I lost the fight, it feels like it was taken from me.
Jared Cannonier via The MMA Hour

The fight, which many thought he was winning, was halted by referee Jason Herzog midway through the fourth round. This came after Cannonier was stunned by Imamov but was still standing. The stoppage cost Cannonier more than just pride. With his contract structured on a win bonus, the controversial stoppage left him without a sizable chunk of his paycheck.

Cannonier was on a two-fight win streak, with one of them being a record performance against Marvin Vettori. But the 40-year-old middleweight isn’t letting that deter him. He is willing and ready to go toe-to-toe again with Imavov. With this win, Imavov overtook Cannonier in the top 5 of the middleweight division. Now it’s up to the UFC to get them both in the Octagon again to settle the score.

Jared Cannonier gears up for a rematch with Nassourdine Imavov

Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier’s recent bout against Nassourdine Imavov at UFC Louisville left a bitter taste. Referee, Jason Herzog called a premature halt to the action. But Cannonier, ever the consummate professional, isn’t one to dwell on misfortune. Instead, he’s looking ahead to avenge his loss.

Jared Cannonier wants a rematch against Nassourdine Imavov
Jared Cannonier wants a rematch against Nassourdine Imavov (via MMA Mania)

Cannonier has set his sights on a rematch and it’s not just any rematch. The 40-year-old middleweight contender wants to take the fight to Imavov’s backyard, seeking redemption on the hallowed grounds of Paris. This is what he said to Ariel Helwani when taking on The MMA Hour:

As far as any conversation, I don't know. I want to petition for a rematch, you know. The UFC is going to Paris in September. I would love to go to Nassourdine's backyard and make that right. He'll have the home field advantage.
Jared Cannonier via The MMA Hour

It’s a bold move, one that speaks volumes about Cannonier’s character. After all, stepping into the ‘Russian Sniper’s’ hometown is no easy feat, especially when that hometown happens to be the city of lights. While the UFC brass has yet to officially weigh in, Cannonier believes they’re firmly in his corner.

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