Jets owner Woody Johnson clarifies he never got into a heated argument with Robert Saleh at owner’s meetings like many reports suggest

The New York Jets are eying for a comeback in the next season.

Jets owner Woody Johnson clarifies he never got into a heated argument with Robert Saleh at owner’s meetings like many reports suggest

Woody Johnson and Robert Saleh (Via Imago)

The New York Jets owner, Woody Johnson, has denied the report of him being indulged in a heated conversation with the head coach Robert Saleh. Using his social media, the veteran owner claimed that nothing like that happened between the two.

All this nonsense about a heated argument between Coach Saleh and me at the League Meeting is absolutely false. It is yet another irresponsible report from NFL Network. Please disregard.
Woody Johnson via X

Johnson also declared that his relationship with the head coach is absolutely fine. This came as a reaction to what NFL Network wrote in one of its articles. Colleen Woolfe, who belongs to the NFL Network, claimed that a heated conversation took place in the room between the two Jets stalwarts. It allegedly took place in New Orlando, Florida, at the League’s annual meeting.

The news generated significant reactions across various groups, particularly due to the Jets’ disappointing performance last season, which was affected by the absence of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Zach Wilson‘s inability to provide the necessary momentum compounded their struggles. With Johnson’s clarification, the Jets team is likely feeling relieved.

The Jets will look to shed the bad blood going into new season

The denial of the 76-year-old owner has been confirmed by Connor Hughes of SNY. The media person noted that the veteran owner took the associates to dinner and Saleh was present.

Woody took them out to dinner. Checked in with two sources at the dinner. Confirmed nothing happened there, either. 
Connor Hughes reported

Johnson’s clash with the NFL Network is not new; they have clashed before. The latest incident has been added to the list of their disputes.

After the unsuccessful 2023-24 season, the New York Jets are in full swing to build the team. The return of Aaron Rodgers from his Achilles Tendon injury has triggered high hopes among the fans. In order to protect him, the team signed defensive tackle Tyron Smith. The former Dallas Cowboys man is the league’s one of the most successful offensive tackles.

Robert Saleh claims Aaron Rodgers is 'excited to attack' this season for the Jets despite VP talks
Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers (Image via IMAGO)

Last season, the Jets’ offense struggled, facing numerous sacks. To address this issue, the team traded for Mike Williams from the Los Angeles Chargers. Williams, currently recovering from a torn ACL injury, is optimistic about being ready for the upcoming season.

The only problem that is concerning the Jets is the age of their offense. Rodgers is 40 and their latest two additions are in their mid-thirties. The age, along with their injury-prone attitude, can be a problem for the Jets.


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