JJ Redick favored to land 17-time NBA champions coaching job, says NBA Insider

JJ Redick is the front runner for the vacant Lakers head coach job.

JJ Redick favored to land 17-time NBA champions coaching job, says NBA Insider

JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently searching for a new coach to replace Darvin Ham, and the inexperienced JJ Redick has emerged as the front-runner, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania. The Lakers met with Redick in Chicago at the draft combine and spent an extended period getting to know him.

Shams Charania reports that there is an “infatuation” with Redick among the Lakers due to his ability and potential to be a long-term coach. While he has no prior coaching experience, he has gained attention as a strong candidate.

I'm told last week, the Lakers met with JJ Redick in Chicago at the draft combine. They met for an extended period of time to really get to know him and spend time with him… There's an infatuation with JJ Redick just in terms of his ability for right now, but also being a coach that the Lakers can have for years and years to come.
Shams Charania said on the Pat McAfee Show

JJ Redick has been considered for other coaching jobs since his retirement in 2021. He currently hosts a podcast with LeBron James, who is also entering an uncertain offseason with a $51 million player option.

The Lakers have also interviewed other candidates, including James Borrego, Sam Cassell, and David Adelman, according to Charania. They will start their second round of interviews soon, but Redick appears to be the front runner for the coaching job.

Stephen A. Smith reveals LeBron James’ role behind the scenes for JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are searching for a new head coach, and Stephen A. Smith believes LeBron James is secretly working to get his preferred candidate hired. James’ podcast with JJ Redick, “Mind the Game Pod,” showcases Redick’s coaching potential.

Smith thinks James is using the podcast to demonstrate Redick’s abilities without publicly campaigning for him. Redick is now the leading candidate for the Lakers’ coaching job, and Smith believes James is behind the scenes pushing for his appointment.

What are we supposed to believe when you know good and damn well that Darvin Ham is on a hotseat, and you start a podcast with JJ Redick? You're talking strategy and all these different things... and then lo and behold, JJ Redick is the leading candidate for the Lakers job. We all know he wants to be a coach and I hope he gets it… He knows what the hell he's doing.
Stephen A. Smith said on First Take

Smith is convinced James is heavily involved in the coaching search, despite not publicly acknowledging it. He also thinks James is using his influence to try to get Redick hired, and it’s clear what James is trying to do.

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