‘Blunt’ Keyshawn Johnson baffled by Lakers believing JJ Redick has Pat Riley-level potential

Keyshawn Johnson completely disagrees with the JJ Redick-Pat Riley comparison.

‘Blunt’ Keyshawn Johnson baffled by Lakers believing JJ Redick has Pat Riley-level potential

JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers’ search for a new HC gained extra attention due to their desire for a long-term leader. The franchise reportedly views retired player JJ Redick as a candidate who could emulate former coach Pat Riley’s success.

Most fans and analysts will not make such a comparison between Redick and Riley. Keyshawn Johnson disagrees with this comparison. While both JJ Redick and Pat Riley are former NBA players, Johnson believes their similarities end there.

 As far as the Pat Riley comparison. They both played in the NBA, the similarities stop after that. The only comparison is they both played in the NBA, wear nice suits and have nice hair. That’s the comparison. They’ve both have been in the broadcasting space.
Keyshawn Johnson via Undisputed

Keyshawn Johnson is skeptical about Redick’s chances of replicating Riley’s achievements, particularly given his lack of coaching experience. Riley had prior experience as an assistant coach before becoming a head coach, whereas Redick has never held a coaching position.

Most new head coaches require time to find their footing, which may not be a luxury the Lakers can afford. The team’s desire for a long-term leader suggests they need someone who can make an immediate impact. This may be a tall order for Redick or any other first-time coach.

Lou Williams advises JJ Redick on Lakers’ vacant coaching job

JJ Redick, a former Philadelphia 76ers guard, has been linked to several coaching vacancies, including the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Lou Williams, a former teammate, believed that Redick and Sam Cassell should avoid the Lakers’ job.

I think [JJ Redick] and Sam Cassell should steer clear of this job. If they want to have careers in the NBA as head coaches, this isn't the job for you to start your career and want to grow and learn and become a better coach.
Lou Williams via fanduel.com

Williams thinks the position comes with too much pressure and high expectations, which could hinder their growth as coaches. He points to the Lakers’ history of high expectations and short leashes for coaches. As such, Williams cited Darvin Ham’s recent departure after just two years.

Williams, who played for the Lakers from 2015 to 2017, knows the pressures of playing for the franchise and believes Redick and Cassell should consider starting their coaching careers elsewhere. He wants them to grow and learn without the intense scrutiny and pressure that comes with coaching the Lakers.

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