Joaquin Buckley mocks Conor McGregor’s family name after Irish superstar ghosts welterweight’s call out

Joaquin Buckley doubles down on his rant targeting Conor McGregor and his family for lack of response to his callout.

Joaquin Buckley mocks Conor McGregor’s family name after Irish superstar ghosts welterweight’s call out

Joaquin Buckley takes shots at Conor McGregor (via Imago)

Joaquin Buckley called out Conor McGregor this past weekend. He probably expected to get a response. But the welterweight contender definitely didn’t anticipate getting ghosted so emphatically by the infamous Irishman. McGregor is known to start beef with everyone but this time, he made an exception.

Joaquin Buckley seized the mic and firmly aimed his sights at MMA’s biggest star. This came in the aftermath of his lopsided win over Nursulton Ruziboev at UFC St. Louis. However, his verbal jabs at McGregor’s legacy and family didn’t seem to faze the Notorious one in the slightest. Buckley, now annoyed, escalated the hostility.

No response from @TheNotoriousMMA thought my man would stand on business about the McGregor name but I guess that long long line of McH**s continues on.I hope McJr can end that h*e curse that runs in the McGregors name  #TakeTheThrone #LetThatH*eGo
Joaquin Buckley via X

Buckley even took a disturbing shot at McGregor’s young son, saying that he hoped McJr could end that h*e curse. Buckley is doing his best Conor McGregor impression, saying the unsayable to force a reaction from the ‘Notorious’. It’s a risky strategy that could blow up in his face. Dana White recently stated that the UFC was not interested in the matchup between Buckley and McGregor.

Conor McGregor is set to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 303. He is certainly no stranger to exchanging profanity-laced personal insults and distasteful remarks. But in the realm of MMA call-outs and pre-fight antics, maybe there is no line too far when it comes to Conor McGregor.

Michael Bisping feels that Joquin Buckley went too far with the Conor McGregor callout

Joaquin Buckley seized the mic after his latest UFC victory. He certainly made headlines with his outrageous callout. But according to Michael Bisping, the rising welterweight star may have gone a step too far in his pursuit of Conor McGregor.

Michael Bisping feels that Joaquin Buckley went too far
Michael Bisping feels that Joaquin Buckley went too far (via X)

Buckley used his post-fight interview to take a personal shot at McGregor’s family and legacy. And it was about as uncensored and over-the-line as fight fans would expect. Bisping, who conducted the in-cage interview, admitted he cringed when the expletive-filled rant aired live.

Not the best callout. Listen, I like Joaquin Buckley. I’m not talking sh*t. But that fight with Conor McGregor is never going to happen, And then on top of that, then he went too far…He was calling his mom and grandma a h*e, basically. I like a bit of sh*t talk, and then when he went that far, I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t, this is bad.
Michael Bisping via his YouTube channel

The UFC analyst understood trading insults is part of the fight game. He felt that Buckley had missed a callout opportunity. However, he believed that Buckley crossed an unspoken line of decency. Still, Bisping understood Buckley’s over-the-top antics were fueled by adrenaline and the thrill of performing for his hometown crowd in St. Louis. He just wished the 30-year-old had picked a more realistic target for his rant.

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