Joe Rogan stunned as legendary Tank Abbott reveals Big John ‘corrupt and crook’ 

Tank Abbott accuses Big John McCarthy of being corrupt on Joe Rogan's podcast.

Joe Rogan stunned as legendary Tank Abbott reveals Big John ‘corrupt and crook’ 

Joe Rogan watches Tank Abbott badmouthing Big John (via Imago/YouTube)

Joe Rogan‘s podcast often turns into a platform where fighting legends share their anecdotes. Mostly these stories are intriguing and funny, however, with UFC legend David ‘Tank’ Abbott it turned out quite controversial. The former fighter went on a rant against popular MMA referee, ‘Big’ John McCarthy

During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and Tank Abbott were watching one of his old fights in the UFC. During the conversation, Abbott pointed out how John McCarthy interfered in the fight. Then the retired fighter went on a tirade against McCarthy.

He is corrupt and he is a crook. His idea of what he thinks fighting is, he is a full-on submission guy because he is all into technique... he's all into skill and everything else. He has no respect for fighters' fortitude
Tank Abbott via JRE Youtube

Rogan was shocked by these claims and backed McCarthy by pointing out Abbott’s personal vendetta with McCarthy. Abbot then went into revealing that it was McCarthy and his wife who kicked the fighter out of UFC. 

Before professionally refereeing for the UFC, McCarthy was a cop and Abbott had a history of street fights. According to Abbott, McCarthy did a background check on him and never liked him because McCarthy considered him an outlaw. This whole discussion caught Rogan off guard and thousands of other fans who saw the video. However, Abbott’s incredible stories don’t end just here. 

Tank Abbott confirms making the modern MMA gloves currently used by the UFC 

One of the major things that made MMA different from other sports was the gloves. These were less padded and had cuts so that wrestlers could use them to grab their opponents. While it was a revolutionary thing, Tank Abbott has claimed that it was his brainchild. 

Tank Abbott on making the early  UFC gloves
Tank Abbott on making the early UFC gloves (via UFC Collectibles/BJ Penn)

During a recent interview, Tank Abbott revealed that at UFC 6 he cut the gloves and wore them. According to the legend, he was the first person to do it.

I was the first person. I made them, I cut the gloves. They were bagles speed bag gloves and I cut the post out of them. Some other guy wore the gloves before me but he was a striker. So, I don't think he cut the post out of them.
Tank Abbott via The JAXXON Podcast 

More than 20 years later UFC has changed a lot however, the gloves are still not perfect. Recently with the introduction of new UFC gloves, many fighters including Sean Strickland have shown their disappointment. Nevertheless, they are better than the ones Abbott used to wear in the 90s.

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