Tom Aspinall ready to accept new nickname from legendary double champion Daniel Cormier

Tom Aspinall believes nickname given by Daniel Cormier to be worthy of use.

Tom Aspinall ready to accept new nickname from legendary double champion Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier coins a nickname for Tom Aspinall (via Imago)

Nicknames are a way to let yourself be known just by that one word or phrase. So naturally, fighters are attracted to getting a nickname suiting their personality. A fearsome nickname inspired by the notoriously tenacious animal seems to have struck a chord with Tom Aspinall. Now, Tom Aspinall having a nickname can become a reality.

Title Sports Network recently interviewed Tom Aspinall. The 31-year-old interim heavyweight champion revealed his intrigue at former two-division champion Daniel Cormier’s suggestion. Cormier had suggested that Aspinall was like a Honey Badger.

I was saying, ‘I do a lot better in fights than I do in the gym.’ And they said, ‘Oh, why’s that,’ and I said, well, ‘I’m scared in fights, and I’m not scared in the gym.’ Then DC said, ‘You’re like a honey badger…If I’m going to have a nickname, it might as well be that.
Tom Aspinall via Title Sports Network

For the uninitiated, the honey badger has noticeable fearlessness and ferocity in the animal kingdom despite its small stature. They chase away lions, even going as far as to rush at them. This description perfectly fits Tom Aspinall’s personality. His fear heightens his senses and makes him more dangerous in the octagon.

Tom Aspinall knocked out Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295 to become the interim heavyweight champion. Aspinall revealed his fear of the Russian fighter in the lead-up to this fight. This is when Cormier coined the term ‘Honey Badger’ for him. It remains to be seen if the interim heavyweight champion will use that nickname at his UFC 304 fight.

Tom Aspinall is set on taking revenge against Curtis Blaydes

Tom Aspinall has unfinished business to settle in the octagon. The Brit UFC star has his sights set on getting payback against Curtis Blaydes when they meet at UFC 304 in Manchester. The co-main event will showcase Aspinall defending his interim belt.

Tom Aspinall wants revenge on Curtis Blaydes
Tom Aspinall wants revenge on Curtis Blaydes (via YouTube)

Their first encounter back in 2022 lasted all of 15 seconds. Aspinall blew out his knee almost as soon as the opening bell rang at London’s O2 Arena. This handed Blaydes a TKO victory by way of injury. He now wants to avenge this loss in the rematch.

I’m happy with this one [rematch] because i want to get revenge. I wanna get a bit of revenge, don't I.
Tom Aspinall via his official YouTube channel

The 31-year-old interim heavyweight champion had been chomping at the bit for another crack at Blaydes. Now, his wish has come true. Plus, he believed Jon Jones would become his next target after he defeated Blaydes. His fight against Blaydes almost guarantees a title shot next, whether against Jones or Stipe Miocic.

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