Craig Jones reveals ‘death threat’ messages from ADCC organizer over ‘sabotaging’ huge event

Craig Jones showcases death threats after launching an event to rival the ADCC tournaments.

Craig Jones reveals ‘death threat’ messages from ADCC organizer over ‘sabotaging’ huge event

Craig Jones shows death threat from ADCC organizer (via YouTube/ FloGrappling)

Competition between organizations in the combat sports world is common. However, the need for threats of physical harm remains rare. The grappling world has been sent into a frenzy with Craig Jones‘ explosive revelation. He showcased alleged death threats from an ADCC organizer, Seth Daniels

The Australian submission wizard took to social media to share a series of shocking messages. This ratcheted up the already intense feud between Jones and the ADCC tournament. Daniels sent an expletive-laden threat to Jones, which included a death threat.

You need to realize I'm not Mo [Jassim] . You have attacked my work and sh*t all over everything I've done in the past five years. If you attack me, my family, or my wife, like your c*nts are doing to Mo, I will f*****g kill you. I'm not saying this lightly. I'm telling you, I'll end your f*****g life.
Seth Daniels text shared by Craig Jones via Instagram

The incendiary words, allegedly sent by the ADCC organizer, stem from Jones’ recent decision. He launched a rival grappling event on the same weekend as ADCC’s marquee tournament. This would definitely take away from the ADCC event, as many athletes would prefer to go to Jones’ event. This is a bold move but one that has seemingly ignited a vicious war of words behind the scenes. 

The CJI event will showcase Jones grappling with Gabi Garcia in a first-ever intergender grappling match. But for now, will cooler heads prevail, or will this feud spiral into an all-out war, with athletes and fans caught in the crossfire? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Jones remained composed in the face of getting life threats.

Craig Jones is open to possibility of Gordon Ryan participating in CJI

There is a lot going on in the world of grappling. Craig Jones, the BJJ coach of Alexander Volkanovksi and Israel Adesanya, has addressed a strong possibility for fans. He revealed that his long-time rival Gordon Ryan may actually compete at the upcoming Craig Jones Invitational (CJI).

Craig Jones on the possibilty of Gordon Ryan joining CJI
Craig Jones on the possibilty of Gordon Ryan joining CJI (via Evolve MMA/ MMA Mania)

The two submission wizards have engaged in a heated back-and-forth over the years. Their trash talks and mind games have often stolen the spotlight in the grappling world. When asked about the multiple-time submission wrestling world champion‘s potential involvement in his upcoming event, Jones struck a surprisingly approving tone.

I'd let anyone do it. Obviously I've got the custom-gold Craig Jones Invitational ring he'd have to kiss, but for sure I'd let him in.
Craig Jones via Chris Williamson podcast YT

This approval was a jab towards Ryan on its own. Even Jones’ olive branches come laced with a dash of bravado. But in all seriousness, the prospect of the two grappling titans squaring off at the CJI is mouth-watering for fans of the grappling arts. Only time will tell if the two face each other on the mats.

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