UFC top brass convinced Jon Jones to take Stipe Miocic fight in parking lot

Hunter Campbell and Jon Jones negotiated the Stipe Miocic fight in a parking lot.

UFC top brass convinced Jon Jones to take Stipe Miocic fight in parking lot

Jon Jones negotiates with Hunter Campbell for Stipe Miocic fight (via Imago/ Fighters Only)

The UFC heavyweight division has remained stagnant for quite some time now. The UFC brass recognized this very well. UFC brass Hunter Campbell was engaged in a drawn-out discussion with none other than Jon Jones. The UFC CBO intended to get him back in the octagon to fight against ‘UFC heavyweight GOAT’ Stipe Miocic.

A video surfaced recently from the UFC documentary Fight Inc: Inside the UFC. It showed the exchange between the champion and the Chief Business Officer of the UFC. Campbell could be seen talking with Jon Jones. Ultimately, the duo went to the parking lot in the car and talked out the details of the Miocic fight.

Convincing the heavyweight king to take on the legend Stipe Miocic in what Campbell dubbed “the biggest fight in heavyweight history” was quite a task. The footage then captures Jones and Campbell exiting the vehicle with smiles on their faces. It was at this moment that the Jones vs. Miocic legacy fight was made. Soon after, Dana White also informed Joe Rogan about this event.

Jones vs. Miocic was slated for UFC 295. However, Jones suffered a pectoral injury that forced him out of the bout. His rehab time was said to be around 8-10 months. He is now training again, and the fight with Miocic will occur before the year ends. Whether he will bring his mental A-game to the octagon against Miocic remains to be seen.

Jon Jones shares a candid message on Men’s mental health

Poor mental health is a growing concern in the world, especially in men. Many people with the platform to raise their voices for this awareness have done so for quite some time. The latest among them is the UFC legend Jon “Bones” Jones. He used his platform to shed light on an often overlooked issue of men’s mental health. 

Jon Jones makes a passionate plea about men's mental health
Jon Jones makes a passionate plea about men’s mental health (via Sports Illustrated)

The world observes Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. The heavyweight kingpin took to social media with a powerful message. His message shed light on the pitfalls of mental health in men and their reluctance to come forward to get help.

Men’s mental health awareness month. Make sure you take your time out to encourage a homie.
Jon Jones via X

For a fighter as accomplished as Jones, the admission is both brave and relatable. After all, this man has scaled the dizzying heights of UFC glory. He has also come crashing down amid a succession of personal struggles and self-inflicted controversies. But his plea for men to encourage each other amidst mental health struggles would most definitely make a positive impact. 

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