John Harbaugh admits he could be ‘talked into getting a tattoo’ if Ravens win the Super Bowl

The Ravens have third best Super Bowl odds with +1100.

John Harbaugh admits he could be ‘talked into getting a tattoo’ if Ravens win the Super Bowl

John Harbaugh (Via NFL)

As they say, “If your brother says it’s cool, it’s cool!” Inspired by his brother Jim Harbaugh, who got a tattoo when Michigan won the season’s national championship, John Harbaugh claimed he would explore that option as well– if the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl next season. 

A former college football coach had said that he would get a tattoo if the Michigan Wolverines won the national championship. As they did, he got a tattoo on his upper arm and proved he was the man of his word. That idea seemed quite exciting to his brother and he said he would do something similar upon the Ravens’ Super Bowl triumph. 

I mean I’m not afraid of getting a tattoo, I want to make it clear. "If we win a Super Bowl I could probably be talked into something, but it’s probably going to have an “I” and an “A” in it. Any tattoo I have is going to start with Ingrid [his wife's name] and Allison [John's daughter's name]. Family first, man.
said the Ravens head coach via Baltimore Beatdown

During John’s tenure as Baltimore’s head coach, they have won only one Super Bowl in 2012, and that too against his brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, the Ravens haven’t been able to return to the grand game, but their odds for the upcoming NFL season sure seem good. 

John Harbaugh’s Ravens’ third-Best Super Bowl odds with key offseason moves

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the Ravens have the third-best odds to win the Vince Lombardi trophy in the upcoming season. After the crashing playoff elimination last season, the Ravens made some very crucial revamps.  

They signed two-time league rushing champion RB Derrick Henry in a two-year deal earlier in the offseason. Along with that, quarterback Lamar Jackson, who won his second MVP honor but faced criticism for losing his form in the playoffs, worked on his playing style as he admitted having a chip on his shoulder regards to the Super Bowl. 

Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry (Via Baltimore Ravens)

Ravens are leading with +1100 odds, behind the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers as per Maryland Sportsbook. The team’s odds showed a significant increase since Henry’s addition and as they continue to work on their offense, they could be a real threat to their opponents. 

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