Dak Prescott has more leverage right now than any other player in the NFL, claims Adam Schefter

Schefter pointed out that the Cowboys can't trade or tag Prescott.

Dak Prescott has more leverage right now than any other player in the NFL, claims Adam Schefter

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has all the leverage he needs to get an extension (Image via IMAGO)

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is confident that going into the final year of his Dallas Cowboys contract, Dak Prescott has all the leverage he needs. Prescott could earn close to $60 million, which would reset the quarterback market for good.

Jerry Jones in the Pre-draft press conference discussed waiting to see more ‘leaves fall’, which could only mean keeping an eye on how much other teams are willing to pay their quarterbacks. Since then, he witnessed the Detroit Lions pay Jared Goff $212 million over four years with $170 million guaranteed.

Despite the delay in Prescott’s extension, the veteran Cowboys owner has time and again said they have full confidence in the 3 time Pro Bowler. However, he further added that they were ready to let Prescott see out his contract, which will end after the 2024 season.

Prescott himself has come out and said that he doesn’t play for the money. Adam Schefter believes the 30-year-old has played his moves smartly by not putting much pressure on the Cowboys because he has all the leverage in his hands.

There’s not a player in football with more leverage than Dak Prescott. He is heading to the last year of his contract, can’t be traded, can’t be tagged. He would be out of his mind to give any kind of discount when he is in the position to reset the quarterback market after a season if Dallas don’t have a deal done with him.
Adam Schefter said during Thursday’s NFL Live on ESPN

According to Prescott’s 4 year $160 million contract, which he signed in 2021, he can neither be traded nor tagged because the Cowboys already went through with it. Yet the elephant in the room is, if the Cowboys release him before May 2025, then he will count $42.5 million in dead cap money.

Louis Riddick warns the Cowboys for delaying Dak Prescott’s extension

While Schefter’s ESPN colleague Louis Riddick is thrilled by Jayden Daniels’ prospect in Washington, he is worried about the Cowboys’ reluctance to pay Prescott. Riddick, a former Eagles scout, claimed if Jones continues to delay the process, then they might find themselves sinking in the NFC East.

Dak Prescott has more leverage right now than any other player in the NFL, claims Adam Schefter
Dak Prescott with Jerry Jones (Image via IMAGO)

The fact that you’re going to have to pay him if you don’t have another alternative. The alternative for them would be to take a backseat to not just the Philadelphia [Eagles], you may quickly be taking a backseat to the [Washington] Commanders. And you may be taking a backseat to [the New York] Giants too if you’re not careful. Be careful if you don’t pay this man.

Louis Riddick ranted

Perhaps Jones’ decision to pay Prescott depends on the results of the 2024 season because he is not the only one waiting for an extension. Both receiver CeeDee Lamb and pass rusher Micah Parsons eyeing a big cheque.

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