Keown blasts Mesut Ozil on creating ‘unhealthy’ environment

Gunners legend Michael Keown has heavily criticised Mesut Ozil. He believes Ozil should leave the club instead of creating problems.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil’s time at Arsenal has come to a toxic standpoint. The German star who was brought in from Real Madrid thrived under Arsene Wenger. However he was dropped by Unai Emery during his managerial time.

Moreover Mikel Arteta too is not using him much at this moment. In addition Ozil is being blamed for creating an unimpressive attitude towards the club.

Keown on Mesut Ozil situation

Mesut Ozil

Michael Keown has heavily criticised Mesut Ozil’s behaviour. Moreover he believes it’s best if Ozil respectfully leaves the club.

One assumes that Arteta would’ve given him an opportunity and he’s not really happy with Ozil’s work ethic,” Keown comments”He’s not someone the others can learn off.

I actually think he’s got a good heart, because of what he does for charity, but when he questions giving up a percentage of his wage which affects everyone else, I don’t think it’s his place to do that. He needs to fall in line.

If you think of the money it’s costing Arsenal£18million-a-year, that the equivalent of the interest payments when they took out a loan on the Emirates Stadium. That’s how restrictive that has been.

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